How to use ceramic briquettes for gas grills

Gas grills are most convenient to use because these are most popular in the market, and briquettes have been preferred to use as fuel for barbecuing. Are you looking for the process of using briquettes? In this article, I will present you with how to use ceramic briquettes for gas grills?

Ceramic briquettes share many benefits to charcoal and wood briquettes but also have added benefits for lasting longer. The food tastes impressive with ceramic briquettes and is also evenly cooked with tasty, juicy meals making your time even more special.

The one concerned about the environment and likes grilling, the ceramic briquette is an excellent choice.

Why should you use Ceramic briquettes in your grill?

There are several reasons to use ceramic brackets in your grill. According to some people, these briquettes improve the taste of your meat. It stops the severe scarring of beef. Ceramic grill spread heat evenly; hence, the food is cooked evenly, and the food will be super juicy and tasteful. 

How to use ceramic briquettes for gas grills?

How to use ceramic briquettes for gas grills
  • First of all, make sure that the Briquettes are suitable for the grill.
  • Get rid of the last residue, or it will cause a bad taste in your meal.
  • Ensure proper air supply and ventilation.
  • Line the firebox walls with heavy aluminum foil to keep your crazy nan well heated
  • Line the firebox walls with heavy aluminum foil to keep your grill clean well heated.
  • Use gravel for an effective heat sink and additional lining.
  • Manage the briquettes over the flame.
  • Fire the grill and heat briquettes until they are red hot.
  • Check the temperature.
  • Place the grill over briquettes. 
  • And now you’re ready to cook your meal!

How to set up the gas grill?

  1. Install ceramic briquettes in the briquettes tray.
  2. Remove the grill rack and then remove the flavor bars.
  3. Fix the briquettes on the briquette tray.
  4. Now fixed the briquettes tray in the rack Holder above the burner.
  5. If you do not have a briquette tray, you can also use the charcoal tray. For best results, spread briquettes evenly on the tray.
  6. Now fire up your grill.
  7. When briquettes are growing, heat, and reach the required temperature, you can grill your food! Read more, how to clean ceramic grill grates?


  • They can reduce flare-ups in hot spots.
  • These can be used many times.
  • It can be easily be used.
  • These also provide the smoke flavor that we get from additional charcoal barbecuing.
  • You can save some fuel.
  • Ceramic briquettes do not directly heat the food instead it distributes heat evenly and results in evenly cooked food.
  • These briquettes are long-lasting.
  • These are easy to install and replace.


  1. These briquettes are expensive.
  2. These are not easy to find, unlike charcoal.
  3. They produce excessive ash.
  4. And they take time to heat up.


  • Any additional element should not come in contact with the heating element.
  • It can increase stress to the grill and clog the gas ports and cause inadequate performance.
  • So, always keep the grill clean.
  • Use tongs and keep a distance because grilling meat can catch fire.
  • Keep children away from it because it can be harmful to them. 
  • Don’t use harsh scrubbing brushes or steel wool to clean because these tools will damage the pan.
  • Install grill according to the guidance and instructions provided in this article.
  • Use designated 
  • Follow the precautions. Check here, how to clean the ceramic griddle?


  1. To clean briquettes, quickly soak them in vinegar. It will be an effective and easy cleaning.
  2. If briquettes are not working effectively, replace them.
  3. Turn the briquettes before cooking them because the meat is prevented from bacteria buildup and potential food poisoning.
  4. To reduce residue and clean up after cooking, Use parchment paper.


Ceramic tiles are usually in the traditional shape, lava rocks, or similar to those used in landscaping and all the difference is only about the shape. Traditional charcoal has many disadvantages, so the use of ceramic briquettes is a better choice.

When is it time to replace the briquettes on gas grill?

When is it time to replace the briquettes

Ceramic tiles are the best option to opt for grilling as they have a wide range of benefits, but like everything else on the earth, they also won’t last forever.

When the following signs occur, it means it is time to replace your briquettes.

  • Your briquettes start to crumble and crack.
  • The briquettes have stubborn grease that does not come off briquettes even after cleaning them hard.
  • It starts putting flare-ups in your meat.
  • The food juice seems to produce a foul smell even after cleansing.

How to clean your briquettes?

If your brackets are not clean and you do not care about hygiene, it would affect your health and the taste of the food. It can attract food contamination, insects, rodents, etc. To avoid such problematic situations and ruin your grilling party, you need to clean up after every cook.

So follow the following steps to clean your briquettes carefully:

  • Once you’re done with cooking your food, wait for the grill to cool down.
  • Then wipe off the dirt and food particles with dry paper clean it nicely upside down.
  • Shut the lid of the grill and wait for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • This should get rid of all the particles, food particles, and food residue.
  • If not, then use a wire brush and scrub off the remaining.
  • But remember, do not use a steel brush or harsh brushes because it will damage it make it harder to clean for the next time.

Are ceramic briquettes harmful for gas grills?

Ceramic briquettes are safe and perfect to use for grilling. Charcoal has harmful chemicals which may affect your health. Ceramic even adds Smokey flavor to your food, giving you a reason to avoid charcoal without even a second thought.

Can we use ceramic briquettes in the charcoal grill?

Yes, you can, and the reason is that the two make the best combination because they have better heat retention, temperature control, and they are perfect for searing, direct heat, and slow cooking. Even food does not become cold quickly in it. It is the popular decision in many pit master forums and the reason you got it.


Ceramic briquettes are made to make your grill unique, fun, exciting, and enjoyable with your friends and family. It makes your meal super juicy and tasty. Giving it Smokey flavor

Most people do not know how to add and how to use them? And I have solved that problem for those people with bonus information too. I hope you enjoyed reading this article!

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