How to Fix Broken Ceramic Figurines step by step guide

How to fix broken ceramic figurine

Hey there! I’m William Jon from Florida. Now I’m going to discuss broken ceramic figurines. Sometimes, our adorable ceramic figurines fell by mistake, then it gets broke. Some of the figurines are our collection or someone our beloved. So, many people harts for their figurines. In this case, if you know how to fix broken ceramic figurines, then it’s easy for you to repair them and use them again. To fix ceramic figurines, you can choose multiple methods and steps to repair them as well.

Here, I’ll show you 3 methods which are shows fixed with professional glue, homemade solution, and repair with milk. I recommend you to repair your figurines with glue. It’s easy and shortcuts. Let’s started our magic tips to repair broken figurines easily and faster. Read us to learn effective tips and guidelines, then repair your figurine yourself as a professional.

How to fix broken ceramic figurines with glue

It is an easy method to repair any type of figurine. You can even fix porcelain figurines, stone figurines, and glass figurines with glue. Choose some professional glue or epoxy to repair it properly. I have listed here some professional gorilla glue, super glue, super glue gel, epoxy, putty, and Loctite glue.

Hello, welcome to do it yourself with Wayne. Today we’re going to be repairing a ceramic figurine from our nativity scene. Unfortunately, when we were packing up our Christmas figurine got dropped. And you can see there are pieces here. And we’re going to be doing our best to put it back together and make it look like new again. We’re going to be using our JB weld clear epoxy to make the repairs on this little figurine.

Top 5 Glue for ceramic figurine

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Mix up the epoxy

Broken figurine repair

So now we’re going to proceed, now we’re going to mix up a little bit of our epoxy. And we’ve already tested a few of these pieces. Then we’re going to start with a few pieces that we think we can put in first and see how it moves along. Read more, ceramic sink repair.Step one is to make some epoxy. In our first step, we’re only going to do one small piece to start with, because we’re concerned about how the pieces will fit together as we start gluing a figurine. And if you glue in pieces that you can’t get the pieces in with it in place, that’s a problem.

Start with small pieces

So we’re gonna start with small pieces, that to do your epoxy, typically wood epoxies, you take equal parts of both bottles. So we’re going to do that here. That’s about two equal parts of the two colors, we’ll take a small stake, we’re using a little mode, popsicle stick, which is part of alcohol, we won’t small stakes here. And you make that real thoroughly.

I’d caution you that when you make your epoxy, go a little overboard on mixing it, you don’t want to have any parts of it that aren’t mixed up well because the parts that aren’t mixed up well blue as well. So go a little above and beyond mixing your epoxy. And we use Thank you got it makes good enough, just start a little bit more just to be sure, because you don’t want thoroughly mixed parts.

Collect those broken pieces and prepare them

Alright, now what we’re going to do, we’re not gonna start with a little figurine yet, we’re gonna start with this piece right here because we’ve determined that this piece right here goes right there. And because of the way they’re gonna have to fit back together, if I put the big piece in first, I may not be able to get this piece in. So our first step, all we’re going to glue is this piece and this piece together. So we don’t need hardly any of this glue. But we didn’t want to make it a too-small mountain that they don’t make swale.

So we’ll take my little stick, and we’ll put a little bit on there. Don’t take much. That’s probably more than I need right there. And then we’ll put that on there. And we’ll hold it in place do it sticks, and curves a little bit if I can get it this day in place. All right, right there it is the same place now and I’m going to hold it right there. Read more, How to clean ceramic bearings.The stuff is supposed to sit in five minutes. And if I have to hold it for five minutes, that’s what I’m going to do. But I want to take my time and do this slowly and try to do a really good job.

Remix the epoxy glue for the final step

At this point, we’ve taken our time and glued a couple of small pieces into the larger pieces before we tried to put the larger pieces into the little figurine. And so now we’re going to take our epoxy, we’re going to mix up some more to make our final gluing of the larger pieces into the main part of the statue. And here again, you want to get you to know equal parts of both as best as you can. Something like that looks like equal parts. And we’re going to mix them up well. taking your time to make some

How epoxy sit

One thing we did notice was these epoxies supposed to set in five minutes, it’s taken a little longer than that. I don’t know if it’s a little bit cooler temperatures or humidity or whatever. But it is taken longer to sit in, and the five minutes is supposed to sit. But it’s probably just our conditions or something. I think on a normal warm day or something, it probably said it faster. Goes temperature and humidity can affect how quickly epoxy sits.

But I do like this particular poxy I’ve used it before it works well. So we’re gonna get this mixed up good. And I just like to say at this point got any Questions about doing this? Just, you know, post it in the comments. And, you know if we can answer your questions, we’ll be happy to try. Also read, how to paint ceramic mug.

Apply glue on broken pieces

Repairing ceramic figurine

But anyway, we’re gonna proceed here, with a little glue down to their little bit over here, I know it makes up a lot more than I’m going to need. Read more, ceramic neti pot.But I don’t want to run out, run inside there. But the top piece and first set it in place. Mo, get some more glue. And we’ll do the same thing on the bottom.

Place the pieces back on the figurine

Alright, that should give us enough glue. And like I said, I’ve already glued a couple of little pieces that we had broken charge to this piece. And I want to the upper piece. Now that should fit in there. And there we go. And fitting together pretty well. One of the problems that we keep having here is to get glue on our fingers, and your finger sticks to things, and it pulls it apart. So that is something that you’ll have to deal with. If you do one of these.

Let wait some time to sit the glue

They will just kind of hold this now until it sets a bit. And like said this epoxy is supposed to sit in five minutes, we found it it’s taken longer than that at least six, eight, ten minutes sometimes. So I’m going to hold this and give it some time to see it and then we’ll see how it ends up.

Polish the surface

At this point, we’ve got our large pieces glued into the back, and we’re going to let it go with this. It’s certainly not as good as new, but it’s a lot better than it was. And so that’s how you can repair your ceramic items that get broken. And if you won’t, if you’re the kind of person it gets into the small details, and you want to repaint and refinish something like this.

I would recommend a Ron Hazelton video about how to repair broken ceramics. He fixes a cookie jar that’s his man in his family for a while. And he not only puts the pieces that he has back together but he has holes where art pieces are missing, and who show you how to repair those as well as repaint the parts that are repaired so it blends in really well.


So I do recommend that Ron Hazelton video about how to repair ceramics if you’re interested in going beyond just putting you know the few broken pieces back together. But anyway, that’s it for repairing this little ceramic figurine for our nativity scene. Michael said he’s not perfect, but he’s a lot better than he was to start with. And so that’s it for this content of how to repair a ceramic figurine with and we just hope you have a great day.

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