How to clean ceramic tile floors with vinegar

Ceramic tiles a thing that we used in our house to make our room looks beautiful. Our rooms are not looking beautiful when it’s become dirty. To cleaning ceramic floors tiles we need to know how to clean ceramic tile floors. There are many ways and tips to clean floor tile. Clean the floor tile or clean bathroom tiles  by vinegar is the best way among them. Let’s know something about vinegar. Also read, best ceramic tile floor cleaner. 

How to clean ceramic tile floors

About vinegar

Vinegar is a popular product that everyone knows. It is naturally non-toxic liquid. Vinegar is approximately 5-20% acetic acid in water. Acetic acid reacts with water and helps to clean.

Is vinegar can clean?

Vinegar is a multi-purpose cleaner that you can use on many types of things. Such as floor, pot pan, and ceramic tiles etc. Vinegar is an acetic acid that’s why it’s used by a cleaner solution. Vinegar is a great cleaner because it’s acidic.

Vinegar helps to cut grease, mineral, grime, and others. If you decide to clean your ceramic tiles, it’s a good decision. It helps you to clean your stuff. Vinegar is friendly for your ceramic tiles. Vinegar clean ceramic tiles very well. It is a good cleaning solution for your ceramic tiles.

Can vinegar damage ceramic tiles?

White vinegar handles general dirt, hot water deposits, soap scum, and mildew, which means vinegar works very well to cleaning most kinds of house floor, wall and others. Some things are marble, travertine, and granite tile, wooden tiles, which may be damaged by vinegar.

Because it’s an acetic acid, which is harmful to those type of things. Vinegar is safe for ceramic, porcelain, vinyl, laminate tiles, and other products. Vinegar isn’t damaging ceramic tiles. This is safe and perfect cleaner for your ceramic tiles. Vinegar clean ceramic tile friendly and make it shiny. Review content, best tile cutter.

Which things should you not use with vinegar?

You should never use vinegar to clean the following things:

1: Do not use vinegar on marble.
2: Do not use vinegar on granite counter tops.
3: Do not use vinegar on egg stains
4: Do not vinegar to clean your wood floor.
5: Do not clean pearls with vinegar.
6: Do not mix vinegar with bleach.
7: Do not use vinegar on a smartphone or computer monitor.
8: Do not use vinegar to clean solid wood furniture.
9: Do not use vinegar on clothes iron.
10: Do not use vinegar to clean kitchen knives.

Clean ceramic tiles floor with vinegar step by step

There are many cleaning methods to clean floor tile. I will show you some easy and useful clean tiles with vinegar methods in this article, to clean floor tiles naturally with vinegar. Before clean, check your floor how dirty is it?

Start clean ceramic floor tiles with vinegar and water step by step: For normal dirty use this homemade tile floor cleaner step. This step is very easy. To continue this step, need some stuff to start cleaning the floor and maintenance the tile. Let’s gather those cleaning instrument.

you will need those stuff

A. White vinegar
B. Warm water
C. Brum

D. 2-gallon bucket
E. Mop

Tips: Check these easy step

Step 1: At first broom the floor gently. Remove all the dust as possible and threw it away.

Step 2: Fill 2-gallon of the bucket with warm water. Warm water typically works better for clean.

Note: Don’t need over boiled water. Use half boiling water for this step.

Step 3: Pour 2 cup of vinegar into the bucket. Mix up vinegar and warm water by the mop.

Step 4: Mop perfectly on the floor with vinegar and water mix solution. Sweep ceramic floor tile nicely, that wet as well.

Step 5: Leave your room and let the vinegar have some time to kill mildew. We recommend you to wait for 8 to 10 minutes.

Step 6: Rinse off mildewed areas of the tile with a sponge or mop. Bring some clean water and mop the floor with clean water. Rinse away all the and water solution. You are done now.

Method no. 2 vinegar and dawn dish wash soap

Vinegar and dish wash soap can clean hard dirtier. Use the following steps to clean your ceramic tile floors easy and enjoy your beautiful room.

you'll need some stuff:

A. White vinegar
B. Mop
C. Warm water
D. Dawn dish washing soap

E. Spray bottle
F. 5 -gallon water bucket
G. Soft brush or sponge
H. Broom


Step 1: Clean the room by a broom and through all the dust to a dustbin.

Step 2: Fill up the bucket with warm water. Warm water will help you to clean the ceramic floor tile.

Note: For these steps, You need to boil water by high temperature. Boil the water for 15 minutes.

Step 3: Put 2 tablespoons of Dawn dish washing soap and 1 cup of vinegar in the spray bottle. Pour rest of vinegar into the bucket and mix it with warm water.

Step 4: Take the spray bottle, and spray dawn soap and vinegar on the floor. Scrub the floor tile gently by using a mop.

Step 5: For spot clean, use a soft brush or scrubber for scrubbing, and take out the spot.

Step 6: Mop the floor with vinegar, soap, and warm water mixer. Mop gently and wet the floor as well. Leave it for 10 minutes.

Step 7: Rains all solution mixer by using a mop. Use clean water to rains the ceramic floor tile.You almost finish your job.

Method number 3

This is deep clean tile floor method is for really dirty and more sporty floor tile. If your floor tile is really dirty and too much spotty, so cleaning tile floors with vinegar and baking soda the following steps for you. you can also use floor cleaner with vinegar and dawn and baking soda. Let’s start cleaning.

vinegar, dawn dish washing soap, and baking powder

you will need

A. White vinegar
B. Baking soda
C. Spray bottle
D. Spoon
E. Dawn dish wash soap
F. Bowl

G. Mop
H. Broom
I. 5-gallon water bucket
J. Soft brush or sponge
K. Warm water


Step 1: Clean your floor by a broom or vacuum, (if you have) to make your job easier.

Step 2: Combine 2 cups of warm water, 1.5 cups of baking soda, 2/3 cups of dawn washing dishwasher soap, and 2/3 cups of vinegar into the bowel. Use a spoon to stir the mixer well. Make sure that there are no lumps in the mixer. Put the mixer into a spray bottle.Pour warm water and 4 cups of vinegar into 5-gallon the bucket and mix them.

Step 3: Spray the mixer on the ceramic floor tile. Make sure the mixer is going throw even coat on the floor. It is easy to spray.

Step 4: Mop the sprayed area perfectly and scrub with a scrubber.

Step 5: Mop the floor with water and vinegar mixer solution until wet the floor tiles. Leave the solution at least 15 minutes.

Step 6: Mop the floor and rinse the solution and thoroughly rains with clean water. This is an important step because of baking soda mixer can streaks if not rinsed. You may rinse tow times to ensure you remove any baking soda residue.

method number 4

This method is only for spot cleaner from the ceramic floor tiles. Baking soda and vinegar can be your friend to remove tough stain and spot.

you will need

A. Baking soda
B. Vinegar
C. Soft scrubber

D. Mop
E. Water
F. Bowel


Step 1: Mix baking soda and vinegar together in a bowel. Make pretty thick paste.

Step 2: Put the paste on the stain, spot, and use the scrubber or soft brush to scrub the area gently.

Step 3: Rinse the solution mix with water and repeat as necessary.

last word

All the cleaning method are very easy and effective. You can also clean your bathroom tiles, shower tiles, floor tiles, deep clean floor tiles, clean floor tile naturally, and bedroom tiles by using the above methods. I hope this article will help you. Learn more how to remove ceramic tile and how to cut ceramic tile.

Good luck, Happy cleaning


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