How To Brake In Ceramic Brake Pads & Are Ceramic Brake Pads Good?

When you drive a vehicle with a ceramic brake pad, it's important to know how to break in ceramic brake pads. What ceramic brake pads do? How long do ceramic brake pads last? Are ceramic brake pads good? If you have a little knowledge about it, your driving scale will be improved.

The ceramic brake pads handle extremely high temperatures with a little fade. It allows them to recover quickly. So, the result is less damage to the rotors.

How To Brake In Ceramic Break Pad

When the ceramic brake pads wear down, they make a finder, it lighter dust than semi-metallic pads, and the dust does not stick to the wheels.

Finally, researchers have found that ceramic brake pads have a long life span without any sacrificing noise control, rotor life or braking performance.

How to break in ceramic brake pads Complete guide

Step A: At first, use the ceramic brake pads around a hundred miles speed. Try to avoid harder brake. Always heavy braking can damage ceramic brake pads.

Step B: Take the vehicle speed up to 35 miles per hour, apply the brake with moderate pressure. Bring the speed of your vehicle close to zero mph, but don't stop the vehicle entirely. Do this step for at least six times, but generally not more than 10 times are needed.

Step C: Ones again, increase the vehicle speed 40 to 45 miles per hour (mph) and apply the brake. Bring down the vehicles speed close to zero miles per hour (mph) per but don't stop it.

Repeat this step three or four times. Some ceramic brake pads manufacturers recommend, speed up your car up to 65 miles per hour and apply the brake. So, it's a good idea to check your brake pads manufacturers instruction too. Read more, How To Apply Ceramic Coating On The Car.


All the brake pads manufacturer is not the same. There is little difference with some manufacturers. Check your ceramic brake pads manufacturer instructions and sure what the procedure is for braking in the ceramic pads.


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    Don't press the ceramic brake pads quickly or without any care. If you do this all the time, it causes your ceramic brake pads to heat up faster and damage to the surface of the brake pads.
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    Do not put drivers leg on the brake pedal with a little pressure when the car is running.
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    Be prepared when you using the brake.

How long do ceramic brake pads last

How Long Do Ceramic Brake Pads Last

The truth is, there is no easy and exactly answer for this. Because every driver is not driving their vehicle in the same way. The different driving style and habits can burn gas faster than smooth and steady freeway driving. Also, quick starts, short trips, city driving can burn gas faster.

The most experienced automotive mechanics, automotive engineers, vehicle drivers, and brake pads manufacturers can't truly pinpoint how long ceramic brake pads actually last. Typically, a brake pads lifetime is somewhere around 25,000 miles to 65,000 miles.

However, some automotive engineers said, brake pads lasting more than 70,000 miles, even beyond the 80,000 miles threshold. Now is your turn to extend your ceramic brake pads performance and life.

If you are a driver or vehicle owner and you want to extend your brake pads life, is possible. Optimize your driving style to the smart way. But, if you are a speedy driver, you won't do that. Drive slowly and avoid risk and extend brake pads life.

Increases your ceramic brake pads lifetime

Some of the manufacturers offer a wide range for the effective lifetime of their brake pads. Typically it's starting from 25,000 miles to 65,000 miles. But, you can increase your ceramic brake pads lifetime.

It depends on you when you drive your car, keeps in mind some tips to extend your brake pads life. If you want to gain the most of miles out of your ceramic brake pads, consider the following tips.

Tips number 1: Slow down ride

When you driving so fast, you have to brake faster as peanut butter goes with jelly. The fast braking makes a lot of friction, which increases wear on journeys ceramic brake pads shortens their lifetime.

Fast driving also burns more gas. So keep in your mind that fast driving is humble for your brake pads. Avoid making lots of friction to keep your brake pads good.

Tips number 2: Don't ride your ceramic brake pads

Do not push the brake pedal all the way when you drive a car. Most of the young drivers do this. If you feeling lazy, set your leg on the footrest.

A brake pedal meant to stop the car, so don't use brake pedal as a footrest. Some drivers lightly press the brake pedal and run the car, it makes more friction on the braking system and shortens the brake life.

Tips number 3: Avoid overload

When you make your vehicle overload and run with it, means your brake pads have to do harder work to stop the vehicle.

Don't do this always when you drive big trucks and cargo. Lose some weight from your vehicle to keeps well your ceramic brake pads. It also saves fuel too.

Tips number 4: Important brake

When you see you have to brake, push the brake pedal 3 times to stop the vehicle. So, stop the vehicle with less friction. If you follow this braking system, your ceramic brake will last for a long time.

Are ceramic brake pads good

The ceramic pads are composed of dense ceramic material with embedded copper fiber. The manufacturer uses this since the 1980s. The ceramic brake pads developed as an alternative replacement for organic and semi-metallic brake pads. Let's see, why ceramic brake pads are good?

  • The ceramic brake pads are usually quieter than the other way on the market.
  • Ceramic brake pads last longer than other brake pads.
  • It has better braking power than other brake pads.
  • The ceramic brake pads are stable under a wide range of conditions.
  • Ceramic brake pads had a faster recovery system.
  • Ceramic brake pads can come in a variety of particle sizes.
  • Ceramic brake pads produce less dust that is finer and lighter.

Final words

I hope that how to break in ceramic brake pads and how long do ceramic brake pads last content will help you. If you have any questions drop a comment below the post. Thanks, have a good day.


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