How can Ceramic tile maintenance and cleaning

How to ceramic tile maintenance and cleaning and remove stains from ceramic tiles and wall coverings, how they are cleaned, what care they have for their optimal state.

maintenance and cleaning

Maintenance floor and ceramic coating

In order to avoid stains and protect the ceramic tile, just follow some simple cleaning tips. Avoid scratches: Keep the floor clean and avoid scratching in case of heavy traffic in certain areas, use carpets and mats to protect the ground.

Above all, avoid dropping sharp or heavy objects.

Save pieces for future replacements

In the future there may be a need to change some broken or damaged parts, you must save some as a reserve, at least a few pieces for future replacements, since then, over the years it is difficult to get the same piece, These tiles should be stored in a protected place, without humidity or sun, and stored in an upright position. Check here, tile cutter.

How to clean Ceramic Tiles

Most tiles are easy to clean both dirt and stains, normal cleaning can be done with a vacuum cleaner, mop, clean with vinegar, and mop rag, taking care that cleaning liquid has neutral pH. It is also easy to remove stains if they have just been produced and cleaned with the recommended product, to prevent the stain from becoming permanent.

Never use strong acid type liquids for industrial use, prefer cleaners of organic origin such as vinegar, to avoid wear and the elimination of shine and enamel.

Products to eliminate some types of stains in ceramics

Drops of wall paint: clean with the solvent indicated for the paint.

Beverage spots such as wine, beer: clean with soap powder. Stains from other beverages such as juice, tea, coffee: remove with diluted detergent in hot water and then pass the hydrogen peroxide.

Blood stains: clean with hydrogen peroxide.

Oil stains: remove with alcohol.

Remove Fats: stir with sodium bicarbonate dissolved in water.

Cement spots: remove with vinegar, muriatic acid dilute to 10% in water (1 part of acid to water 9).

Tire or rubber tracks: use an organic solvent, turpentine.

Other fats and oils: Clean with soap powder diluted in hot water.

Oxide stains: remove with lye or muriatic acid, dilute it to 10% in water (1 part of acid to water 9).

Pen or bitumen ink stain: remove with Acetone.

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