Best Ceramic Tile Paint | Best Tile Paint Review Of 2021

Hi! How are you doing? I'm William Jon, today I'm going to review the best ceramic tile paint for ceramic tile floor. Are you searching for the best tile paint? Is your tile getting fade? Is your floor tile looks dirty or you don't like their color? Are you looking for ceramic tile paint color, black tile paint, white tile paint, or rust-oleum tile paint, ceramic tile paint kit? If so, right now you are in the right place for your search.

You are welcome to the website. Now you'll able to find exterior ceramic tile paint, heat resistant ceramic tile paint, bathroom ceramic tile paint, and waterproof ceramic tile paint, which is the best paint for ceramic tile.

These selected paints are work as well. These are the top-rated paint on the market. You may don't have time to find the best paint for hours and hours. Most of the house owners looking for tile paint, and maybe they don't know which is the best paint on the market. Because there are many products and paint brands available on the market. In this case, this tile paint review content will help you out to find out the best product.

best ceramic paint, Rust-Oleum Tile Paint

Best Ceramic Tile Paint | Best Tile Paint

1. Rust-Oleum Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit, Rust-oleum tile paint

Rust-oleum tub and tile paint refinishing kit are unique products that combine the durability of acrylic paint with a 2-part epoxy paint formula. This tub and tile refinishing kit provide an excellent adhesion and color retention in high moisture areas. It makes the old tile look like new and it is easy to do it. Use it and make your old or fade tile shine, brighter faster.

Tub and tile refinishing kit is a coating that provides the look and feels of porcelain without the mess or cost of complete tile replacement.

This tile refinishing kit is suitable for ceramic, porcelain, cast-iron, acrylic, fiberglass, steel tubs, and sinks. They are suitable for ceramic, but not for use on galvanized steel and flexible plastic. Read more, ceramic tile cutter.

Prepare the ceramic tile surface the same day with a tough, 2-part epoxy acrylic formula withstands moisture and resists corrosion. For the best result, mix part A and part B separately before mixing for 2 minutes. Once you mixed together, make sure to use it within 6 hours.

Each refinishing kit covers almost 110 square fits. The manufacturer recommended to 2 coats over the tile. At first, finish the first coat then wait for 1 to 2 hours for a second coat. Dry the paint for 3 days before exposure to water.

Ensure to adequately ventilate the area by opening windows make on the ceiling fan to circulate air. For the new project, properly read all the directions in the refinishing kit box.


  • 2-part epoxy acrylic formula.
  • Each kit covers 100 square fits.
  • Perfect for renewing tub and tile surface.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Washable and waterproof finish.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Flexible application with roller or sprayer.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Excellent wear and abrasion-resistant.


2. Rust-Oleum Specialty Tub and Tile Spray Paint, rust-oleum spray paint

Specialty tile and tub spray paint provide a one-step solution to refinish tubs, sinks, and showers in just minutes. Rust-oleum spray paint is a unique designed formulated paint for ceramic tiles. This unique designed one-step acrylic paint perfect for bond on ceramic. Tile spray paint providing outstanding adhesion, durability, and color retention in high moisture areas.

This spray paint suitable for apply ceramic, porcelain, fiberglass, tiles, sinks, and tubs. Using method are very easy, and it dries very fast. It covers up to 15 square fits per each can.

After applying it wait 15 minutes to dry naturally. Apply two coats on your ceramic tile and allow the tile surface to fully dry for 3 days before water exposure.


  • Durable and corrosion-resistant finish.
  • Waterproof finish paint.
  • Smooth and glossy on ceramic tile.
  • thumbs-o-up
    One-step epoxy acrylic formula.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Great for tub and tile surfaces.
  • thumbs-o-up
    White knight tile paint.


3. Magic Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit

Magic tub is a complete tile refinishing kit. High-gloss ceramic-like finish. Magic tub and tile refinishing kit are fully consistently optimized for smooth application. Magic tab and tile refinishing kit two-part epoxy are specially formulated to stand up to moisture and make your fixtures look like new. It is a high-performance tile refinishing kit. It comes with complete instructions for you to make your old tile looks glossy and new.

The magic tub and tile refinishing kit have easy application features. They are easy enough to use. This magic tub and tile refinishing kit are a great and long-lasting solution for floor tiles, wall tiles, ceramic sinks, and tubs.

Their two-part epoxy creates the strongest bond. They able to cover 75 to 100 square fits for two coats.

This product worked great. You could use this tile paint on your painted tiles or dirty tiles. Use it on your bathroom tile for two coats and cover all the dirty or fade colors. Use this refinishing kit and change the beauty of the tile. You'ii love the result.


  • Two-part epoxy specially formulated.
  • Work on both ceramic and porcelain tile.
  • Removing tough stain and cover with a glossy face.
  • thumbs-o-up
    It covers 75 to 100 square fits.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Long-lasting protection.


4. Valspar Color Changing Ceiling Paint, best ceiling paint

Are you looking for a paint that will change your ceiling color? Do you want to paint your ceiling? Here I came with ceiling paint that will change your ceiling color. I recommend this tile paint color. This is Valspar, color-changing latex ceiling paint. Valspar is one of the biggest companies in the paint world. Valspar is a very effective paint for the ceiling.

Valspar interior latex color is an easy application formulated. This Valspar ceiling paint applies as a light purple color to easily indicate painted areas, yet dries to a white, non-glare finish.

I've seen many reviews online about this product. This color-changing ceiling paint other major retail outlets no longer carries it. Amazon is the only source that carries this paint.

Most of the painter love this paint because of their color change. When you paint, it goes on purple but when it dries change to the white.

This facility makes easy to be sure you've painted all areas of a ceiling when you're painting the entire thing. So the color will be as perfect as smooth, without having repaint the entire ceiling.


  • It covers all the surface.
  • One coat coverage features.
  • It dries to white color.
  • thumbs-o-up
    It dries very faster.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Pretty looks
  • thumbs-o-up
    Number one choice for ceiling,


5. Krylon Tub and Tile Spray Paint

Krylon tub and tile ultra repair finish spray paint is easy to apply on the floor tile. It is effective on ceramic tile. It is an economical solution to repairing finish imperfections on common kitchen and bath materials. Krylon tub and tile paint provide a durable, long-lasting finish on porcelain, glass, fiberglass, ceramic tile, and other glossy, non-porous surfaces. 

It is also suitable for use on tubs, sinks, tile, showers, and more. Krylon tub and tile paint are easy to use. Ensure to wear a painter's musk. Because these paint fumes are strong. Long-lasting tile is perfect for bathroom, kitchen, and floor tiles.


  • Chip-resistant tile paint.
  • Multi-propose tile paint.
  • Dry faster in 1 hour.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Most durable tile paint.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Strong finish that resists peeling.


6. INSL-X Stix Acrylic Waterborne Bonding Primer

INSL-X is a premium-quality, acrylic-urethane primer-sealer with unparalleled adhesion to the hardest or soft surface. Would you like to paint the ceiling tile? Looking for wood, plastic, glass, and PVA vinyl paint? INSL-X is here to make you satisfied. This is the multi-surface strong paint that provides all your needs.

Stick acrylic is suitable for ceramic, wood, porcelain, metal, and aluminum. The ability of bonding is well. It will bond on any surface as well instantly. The paint color and painted surface with this paint are brighter.

How do you apply it to your ceramic floor? If you don't know how to paint the floor or wall tile, read below to get some idea. For this paint, apply it when the room temperature is up to 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Apply this paint with a roller brush or sprayer. Do not paint those things which are directly contracted with sunlight. Wait at least 20 hours after finish the paint. Now you are done with the painting.


  • A premium-quality paint.
  • Multi-purpose paint.
  • It's bond very hard.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Easy applications paint.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Quick-dry stronger paint.


7. MagicEzy tile Repairezy for ceramic tile, Ceramic tile paint kit

MagicEzy Tile repair kit is super strong and durable protection. It colored easily ceramic and porcelain tile surface.

This product powered by revolutionary nano-technology for long-lasting repairs. It is a lifetime durability protection for your floor or wall tile.

This is one of the easy and durable protection for bathroom tiles. Don't worry about fixing your tile. It is an easy application featured tile repair paint.

This professional ceramic repair kit comes with several colors. So, you can mix the color of ceramic tile with one of these repair kits.

Are you interested in a multi-propose tile repair kit? If so, this is a multi-propose tile repair kit. It is suitable for ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, sinks, stove, plus fridge, and appliance scratch repair.

MagicEzy tile repair allows you to easily repair ceramic or porcelain tiles, laminate, countertops and worktops, stone, travertine, home appliances, and even chips in wooden surfaces.

This tile repair kit is perfect for ceramic, stone countertops or vanities, laminate, wood, and many other different surfaces.


  • High gloss finish paint kit.
  • Suitable for vertical surfaces.
  • Suitable for food preparation areas and wet areas.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Water-soluble and non-toxic.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Available in 12 individual tile colors or 6 mix-n-match tile repair kits.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Super, long-lasting repairs - lasts for at least three years.


8. Ceramifix White Touch up Paint for Tile

Are you looking for paint to repair your tile repair? Is your ceramic tile cracked or chipped? If so, don't worry. Ceramifix tile paint is here to help you out. Use this tile paint to paint your ceramic tile floor, wall, and bathroom. Easily cover those unsightly and annoying chips and cracks with Ceramifix tile paint. Ceramifix is available in many shades.

The Ceramifix perfectly bonds with the unglazed portion of the tile and cleans easily from the glazed surface making it a snap to touch up any tile. It dries between 24 hours after finish painting your ceramic tile.


  • thumbs-o-up

  • thumbs-o-up

  • thumbs-o-up


9. Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500 Interior Paint, Benjamin Moore tile paint

Ultra spec 500 is zero VOC, excellent hiding, low odor, great touch up tile paint. Benjamin Moore is one of the multi-purpose paint for most of the hard and soft surfaces.

This Benjamin Moore product waterborne interior semi-gloss has excellent stain release so it washes clean easily.

This ultra spec interior paint qualifies for LEED v4 credit and passes the most stringent environmental standards in any color. Because of Benjamin Moore's tints on the Gennex waterborne colorant system, all Ultra Spec 500 finishes are available in any color without an increase in VOC.

It is also suitable for door, trim, cabinet, wall, and ceiling surfaces in commercial and institutional environments where a washable semi-gloss finish is desired.


  • Spatter resistant paint.
  • Decorative and uniform semi-gloss finish kit.
  • It is a washable paint.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Easy application facility.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Quick-dry, soap, and water clean up.


10. Diamond Brite Paint Oil Base All-Purpose Enamel Paint Tile Brown

All-purpose enamel paint provides professional quality, high hide, mildew resistant alkyd finish with excellent stain removal. Diamond Brite Paint is a durable gloss enamel that helps to protect the surfaces against repeated abrasion, rust, and a variety of household chemicals. This item is the best oil-based paint to also use in industrial applications, machinery, or commercial uses. It dries faster and hard.

Tile brown paint will stand up against surfaces that receive high traffic and use. Are you finding now where to use it? It is multi-propose paint. You could use it on Metal, wood, plaster, aluminum, and more different surfaces.

Most of the amazon customers recommended this tile paint for ceramic tiles. They have used then they share their results. They said this is the best enamel paint for ceramic and porcelain. It will protect the tile from fade or looks ugly.

Tile brown is the trustable protection for floor or wall tile. Is your bathroom tile stained? Use this paint on your bathroom tile. It will make your tile brighter, shine, and long-lasting glossy.


  • Multi-purpose tile paint.
  • Oil-based enamel.
  • Never fading, cracking, and peeling.
  • thumbs-o-up
    Easy apply with brush, roller, or sprayer.
  • thumbs-o-up
    It is the best tile protector.


Buying guide for tile paint

Ceramic paint for tiles comes with various styles and colors. They come with oil-based and water-based features. There are dozens of colors and lots of brands available on the market. It seems difficult to choose the best one from the market. However, here are the most important things to consider before buying ceramic paint for your ceramic tile.


Paints for ceramic tile are oil-based and latex-based. Water-based paint (latex) are typically non-toxic, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly desired qualities if you suffer from allergies or work in enclosed spaces. And oil-based paints are reacted highly toxic but usually resist longer than water-based (latex) paint.

The water-based (latex) paint has extra decent durability, and they dry very faster than other paints. The oil-based paints take a long time to dry. So you'll need more time to finish the job.

How they are formulated, in terms of preference I would like latex or acrylic paints as they are safer to work with. Ultimately the choice is yours.

Ceramic Tile Paint Colors

Tile paint has lots of colors like a rainbow of colors. Ceramic tile paint colors which one to choose, It depends on your purpose. You can choose a contrasting shade or matching colors.

If you want to paint all the tile's surface, you can choose a different color. But if you don't need to paint all the tiles surface, choose a suitable paint in a color as close as possible to the original color.

How to paint floor tiles

Painting floor tiles? Do you know how to paint tiles in a kitchen? Did you search for how to paint floor ceramic tile? If so, now you are in the right place. Now I'm going to present to you how to paint the floor tile. 

If you want to paint the floor tiles, you'll need to know how to paint floor tiles properly to avoid cracks and chips in the future. Here I'm going to show you the basic guide on how to paint bathroom tiles in a shower

You'll need these stuff to paint ceramic floor tiles

  • Painters tape
  • Tile paint premier
  • Tile paint any colors that you like
  • Paintbrushes and rollers
  • Sealant or polyurethane
  • Stencils, if you need

Step 1: Clean the floor tile by using a mop, brush, and tile cleaner. Scrub the floors and grout thoroughly without leaving any dirt. You could also sand down the floor tiles to roughen up to the surfaces and prepare them for painting. Open the windows and doors or set up a fan for better ventilation.

Step 2: Apply the tile paint premium on the tiles and tile grout. Let the paint dry completely and wait for the next step.

Step 3: Apply the first coat on the floor in smooth strokes by using a paintbrush. If you using spray paint, use a spray gun. It will spray the paint smoothly.

Step 4: Let the paint dry for a few days then repeat a second coat.

Step 5: Now, apply the sealant or polyurethane over the painted floor tiles. Repeat the step 2 times and let it dry again. You are done. Enjoy the newly painted floor.

Can you paint ceramic tile?

Most of the people search over the internet, can you paint over ceramic tile? Can you paint a ceramic floor tile? Can you paint ceramic tile backsplash? Can you paint the ceramic wall tile? Can you paint ceramic tile in a shower?

More and more questions about ceramic tile painting. All the questions answer is yes. Yes, you can paint your ceramic tile. If your ceramic tile looks like old or you don't like the tile color, paint it and change the color. It's very easy to change the ceramic floor tile paint. 


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