Best Ceramic Tile Cutter & Porcelain Tile Cutter With Buying Guide 2020

Best ceramic tile cutter

Hey, what's up, guys? I hope you are pretty well! I'm William Jon from Florida. Welcome you to the site. Are you looking for the best ceramic tile cutter? If you're looking for it, then you're in the right place.

We promise to assist you in finding the best cutting tools or best tile cutter from the market. We haven't reviewed a product without testing. We researched first then we tested those cutting tools on ceramic and porcelain tiles, then we start writing reviews to help the online customers.

You'll found on the internet, there are lots of people looking for the best quality tile cutter, but it's a bit hard to find out them for cutting ceramic tiles. There are lots of tile cutter bands available on the market which are fallen you in doubt.

Top 5 pick best ceramic tile cutter

We've spent more than three weeks to pick 10 best tile cutter for ceramic and porcelain tiles for you, which are the best products on the market, and the home improvement team are happy with these tools. Hope now, you can easily choose and purchase the best tile cutter for your workplace. Read here, ceramic tile cleaner.

There is no doubt that ceramic tiles can be cracked, scratched with these cutting tools. You can easily cut, making a hole with these products. These professional tile cutter tools save your tiles from the brake, scratch, and crack.

Top 10 Best ceramic tile cutter reviews 2020

1. QEP 10900Q 35-inch manual tile cutter with tungsten carbide scoring wheel

What a great pick! QEP 10900 manually operated tile cutter only cuts ceramic and porcelain tiles. This tile cutter able to cut up to 35 inches in length and 24 inches diagonally. Apart from that, this tile cutter comes with quality and precision to the table. Also, this tile cutter has a straight edge adjustable measurement guide that takes care of accuracy.

Especially, a 7/8-inches titanium-coated tungsten carbide cutting wheel allows you a smooth and effortless cut, controlled by a high leverage bicycle grip.

This tool uses a score and snaps method to cut ceramic and porcelain tiles. It has two chrome-plated steel rails and ball bearing linear slides that control the cutting wheel and makes a clean snap off. It is made of high-quality units and components that will cut your tiles gently for years to come.

If you are planning to install new ceramic tiles on the floor, bathroom, wall, or kitchen room, this is the perfect tile cutter that you should consider to have one of it. Read more, cut ceramic tile.

Customer reviews who using it

I recently tiled my entire kitchen room floor, walls, and ceiling. I have used larger ceramic and porcelain tiles to matte and high gloss finish. This tile cutter did a great job when tiled my kitchen room.

QEP 10900Q manual tile cutter cuts the tiles nice smooth edge with no little chips taken out of the finish and score very lightly. No need to put more downward pressure at all. The weight of the arm and scoring wheel is sufficient and just score it up and snap. This tile cutter is perfect for all tile projects.


  • High quality and high durable tile cutter
  • Comes with an adjustable measurement guide
  • Manually controlled
  • Very easy to use
  • It allows for precision cutting
  • check-circle
    Easy to clean


  • It only cuts ceramic and porcelain tiles
  • times-circle
    Only 35 inches tile cutting capacity

Highlighted features and extra benefits

  • Ceramic and porcelain tile cutter up to 35 inches long and 24 inches diagonally.
  • Straight edge adjustable and accurate cutting.
  • 7/8 inches titanium-coated tungsten carbide cutting wheel.
  • check-square-o
    High leverage bicycle grip handle.
  • check-square-o
    Easy to clean with compressed air or soapy water.
  • check-square-o
    Allows to cuts 3 to 8-inch thickness porcelain and ceramic tiles.

2. Mophorn tile cutter 40 inches manually operated

When you need precision tile cutting and saving time or you need to cut more tiles, the Mophorn tile cutter is the number 1 choice for you. It allows you to cut tiles with a size of 40 inches. Another benefit is, it can fit with an infrared device to prevent you from cuts that are not parallel to the edge of the tile.

Mophorn manual 40 inches tile cutter is very easy to use. The handle of this tile cutter has a comfortable rubber grip, it allows you ample stability and control when you cut the tile. It will make your job easier. Lining the ceramic or porcelain tile up and cutting through the tile's entire length is easy, quick, simple, and accurate. Also read, how to remove tile.

The Mophorn tile cutter can be applied to any kind of tile cutting working projects. This manual tile cutter suitable for cutting stone materials including normal floor tiles, polished tiles, verified tiles, ceramic tiles, and porcelain tiles.

Let's look at the handle, it is anti-skid rubber protection for more comfort. It has steel rail, ball bearing, and alloy wheel cutter are manufactured from high-quality materials and it will cut through almost any type of tile there is.

If you want to purchase the best tile cutter this is for you. It is perfect for every type of tile project and it has extra features than other tile cutters.

Customer reviews who using it

Mophorn tile cutter is the best one for working with tile. I have used many types of tile cutter, but this is the best one.

Mophorn tile cutter maximum cutting length is 40"(1000mm), minimum cutting width is 1.38"(35mm), and cutting thickness is 0.24" to 0.6"(6mm to 15mm). This cutting specification good for almost every type of tile.


  • High quality and strong tile cutter
  • It able to cut any type of tile
  • Working faster and save time
  • Makes precision tile cutting easily
  • Easy to use
  • check-circle
    Easy to clean and maintenance


  • Difficult to store

Highlighted features and extra benefits

  • Maximum cutting length 40-inches
  • Alloy cutter wheel
  • Steel slide rail
  • check-square-o
    10mm rubber sponge compound pads
  • check-square-o
    Fitted with an infrared device
  • check-square-o
    Accurate cutting
  • check-square-o
    High-quality ball bearing

3. Roberts 10-900 vinyl tile cutter

Working with the large tile and looking for a tile cutter that can easily cut up to 24-inches porcelain and glass tile in a straight line? If so then Roberts 10900 vinyl tile cutter might be of help to you as it cut 24 inches in a straight line, 16 inches diagonally, and tiles that are 3 to 4 inches thick. For easy use and easy cutting, this plasma cutter is mounted on a base that acts as a foldable case.

The Roberts plasma cutter tool is fitted with a pencil style tungsten carbide cutting wheel that makes it effective cut for all types of tiles.

The Roberts cutter has a cutting wheel downside of this cutter. The quality of the cutting wheel is poor, and if you broke any parts of this cutter, it's hard to get those parts for repairing. So take care of it when you're busy cutting tiles. However, Roberts cutter is the best tool for cutting straight cut for large 24 inches tile. Check here, clean tile.

Customer review those who use it

Hi! I'm Guitar Johnny from Florida. I'm doing flooring replacement, install tiles, re-install floor, and renew the floor. I've been using this tile cutter for about 2-years. It works great. I've also used many kinds of tile cutters, but Robert's tile cutter works better than others as a large tile cutter.

The cutting wheel is very sharp, and it is an idol for a smooth cut. Now I highly recommend this tile cutter who needs smooth cut, straight and vertical cut, and working faster they could buy it for better results.


  • It suitable for cuts 12 inches horizontal.
  • Also suitable for 9 inches diagonally.
  • Designed to cuts solid-vinyl tile.
  • Built-in casters for maneuverability.
  • Rubber feet for stability.
  • check-circle
    It has a folding base and carrying case.


  • Poor quality built.
  • times-circle
    Hard to get replacement parts.

Highlighted features and extra benefits

  • It has a marked measuring guide.
  • Easy to cut vinyl composition tile and cork tile
  • Item dimension is 21.25 x 22 x 5.5 inches, and the weight 20 pounds.
  • check-square-o
    Professionally cuts large tile.
  • check-square-o
    Great colored cutting tool.

4. Montolit Masterpiuma Evolution porcelain tile cutter

The Montolit Masterpiuma evolution 3 is a great tile cutter high-end tool that does a good job when you're thinking about a manual tile cutter. It perfectly cuts ceramic and porcelain tiles as you want. The cutting blade cuts the tile smoothly and without breaking them. Montolit Masterpiuma designed to cut large tile up to 29-inches straight, 20 inches diagonal, and 1-inch thick.

Do you want to cut large format flooring tiles? Are you looking for a ceramic tile cutter that cuts large format tile? If so with Montolit Masterpiuma porcelain tile cutter large format flooring tiles isn't a challenge for you as it can cut up to 29 inches straight, 20 inches diagonal, 1-inch thick, and it gives a straight rip cut up precisely. Another content Clean tile perfectly.

This porcelain tile cutter does not only show how versatile is it, but it also gives an extra chance to use exotic materials for resurfacing the tile floor.

The Montolit Masterpiuma evolution tile cutters manufacture had a user-friendly mind to include an oil bottle for frequent lubrication of the scoring wheel. The lubricant oil helps to maintain the cutter, reduce extra noise, and keep it in pristine condition.

Customer review who use this tile cutter

Hi there! I'm Andre knight. I have been working on a tile project 20 years ago. Currently, I have 2 other brand ruby tile cutters with double bar. They are did not score accurately when I busy cutting tile for my project.

Then I bought Montolit Masterpiuma Evolution 3 tile cutter. With this Montolit Masterpiuma Evolution 3 tile cutter, you will not go to face those problems. When you cut the tile, the main problem is braking.

Montolit Masterpiuma Evolution 3 professional tile cutter cuts smoothly and regular Ruby Ts or Tx series. However, with the Montolit Masterpiuma tile cutter, your scouring of the tile is 99 - 100% accurate because of the one thick shaft.

The blade of this ceramic tile cutter lasts longer, and the cutting bar does not warp with use neither does it rust. It has a braking system, and it's working excellent. It is the best tile cutter that will value for all of your needs.


  • Accurate and extremely cutter
  • It has a powerful ergonomic push scrib handle.
  • Self-adjustable patented scoring system.
  • Multi-propose tile cutter.
  • Easy to carry with the powerful carrying handle


  • A little bit expensive.
  • times-circle
    Difficult to operate for new users.

Highlighted features and extra benefits

  • High-durable titanium scoring wheel.
  • Integrated lubrication system.
  • User-friendly tool.
  • check-square-o
    Working well and cuts accurate.
  • check-square-o
    Cuts up to 29” straight, 20” diagonal, and a 1” thick tile

5. Goplus ceramic and porcelain tile cutter 36-inches

Are you looking for a professional tile cutter to remark the tiling project in your home or doing big tile cuts for creative projects? Then Goplus 36 inches cutter might be fil on your project. The Goplus manual tile cutter has a tungsten carbide wheel for durable and smooth cutting. It is made with deep groove ball bearings so that it is higher than other normal strength to smoothly slide the tiles.

Goplus tile cutter able to create 1650 LBS pressure to cuts the tile easily and it's more labor savings. Professional Goplus tile cutter comes with an anti-sliding rubber surface, a removable scale, and a tungsten carbide cutting wheel. Related post, tile maintenance.

This professional tool supports accurate multi-angle cutting and is equipped with a high precision ruler. The tungsten carbide cutting wheel can perform parallel and angled cutting from 0 degrees to 60 degrees. The Goplus manual tile cutter suits all kinds of tiles, and it can cut the maximum size of 36 inches and the maximum thickness of 0.5-inch (14mm).

The tile cutting tool is made of heavy iron material with a tungsten carbide cutting wheel. It has a protective cover on the bottom, which provides stability while protecting the cutter and ground. It comes with a carved and extended handle, which helps to make cutting operations easier.

Customer review who use this tile cutter

Mr. Joy said on Amazon, we had done a large bathroom project last year, and we got this manual tile cutter to cut tile. I had caught most of the edges corner cut.

Most of the big tile cutter like this can't cut smooth line, but Goplus tile cutter did a great smooth line cut. It works great as a professional tile cutter. I have a wet saw, but it cuts quicker, cleaner, smoother, and easy to use than my wet saw. The ceramic and porcelain tile scored very well, and the pressure action is pretty easy. Best ceramic tile paint.

Barry said on Amazon, I'm just a general person, not a professional decorator master to use a big tile cutter. I have seen that many people are commenting that it is an easier user-friendly tile cutter. That is why I bought it, then I notice it's truly easy to use on my first project.

Goplus porcelain tile cutter can cut smoothly without slipping. If you need a tile cutter for ceramic or porcelain, do not use the handheld tile cutter. I'm strongly recommended this tile cutter for the value of your money, time, and a great job.


  • Heavy fame with a solid I-shap tack
  • Wide covered rubber pad for stabilizing the tiles.
  • Comes with a roller for accurate cutting.
  • Goplus is a multi-surface tile cutter.
  • Deep groove ball bearings for a smooth cut


  • Little pricey tool

Highlighted features and extra benefits

  • Tungsten carbide cutter wheel.
  • It has an adjustable angle ruler for adjusting angle from 0 degrees to 60 degrees.
  • Made with solid iron, plastic, and a tungsten carbide wheel.
  • check-square-o
    It can create 1650 LBS pressure within a minute.
  • check-square-o
    Made with portable design.

6. Sigma 26-inch pull handle tile cutter 3B4

The sigma 26 inches latest pull handle tile cutter comes with a measuring bar capable of rotating 45 degrees in either direction. This pull handle 26 inches tile cutter made with sturdy aluminum alloy and stainless steel. It can cut ceramic, porcelain, and stone tile up to 20mm thick. The scoring wheel of the Sigma tile cutter is 12mm, and the scoring wheel can cut all types of tiles.

The cutting performance is awesome with 26 inches wide and 18.5 inches diagonally. If you are a new sigma tile cutter user, don't worry about usability performance or user-friendly score. Sigma tile cutter is easy to use, and it makes a great cut. While you go to practice for the first time, then you'll notice that it is a super easy tile cutter.

Many of the tile projector or sigma tile owners argue that sigma tile cutter quality is better than a Rubi tile cutter. The manufacture of sigma added a spring-loaded plated and rotating measuring bar to the convenience of the 3B4.

There is two sigma tile cutter model available on the market, which is the US model and import model. That is why some customers are confused. So be sure which model you order and which version you want.

Verified sigma users review

Our research team had checked all the customer reviews. Sigma tile cutter has 84% positive reviews with 5 stars. Luis said it is a good cutter, and it comes with inches measurement, not centimeters. The price of this cutter is valuable for those who do tiling. The packet is as well as perfect, with no scratch or damage. It is an absolutely outstanding tile cutter than Rubi so far.

If you analyze the bad side of this tile cutter, you'll found that it doesn't have a protective case for it. If you really need a tile cutter that is the best for a tiling project, you could buy a sigma tile cutter. You'll get feedback on the value of your money. Because it lasts for a lifetime, cuts tile accurately, and easy to use it.


  • Sigma cutter comes with a measuring bar.
  • Multi-purpose tile cutter.
  • Made with solid aluminum and steel cutter wheel.
  • Accurate cutting and easy to use.
  • Pull handle original style sigma tile cutter.


  • Doesn't have a protective case.

Highlighted features and extra benefits

  • The measuring bar rotated 45 degrees, and it shows you negative and positive directions.
  • Smooth cut 12mm scoring wheel
  • Comes with a wheel blade.
  • check-square-o
    Sigma dimension is 35.43 x 13.78 x 8.66 inches.
  • check-square-o
    The best cutter for ceramic, porcelain, stone, pavers, quarry, mosaic, and marble tiles.

7. BestEquip 48" manual tile cutter

BestEquip 48" manual tile cutter


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Quality cutter wheel.
  • Precision positioning cutting.
  • Thoughtful designs.
  • Ergonomic handle.


  • It flexes quite a bit.

Highlighted features and extra benefits

  • Manual tile cutter with a double rail
  • Laser-guided precision.
  • Easy cutter for ceramic and porcelain tiles
  • check-square-o
    Made of aluminum material, compact, strong, and durable.
  • check-square-o
    The anti-skid rubber handle is ergonomic.
  • check-square-o
    The extended cutting base for large format tiles
  • check-square-o
    Chrome-plated steel rails and linear bearing slide

8. M-D building 49047 20-inch tile cutter

M-D building 49047 20-inch tile cutter


  • Heavy duty strong tile cutter.
  • Suitable for large tile.
  • Designed to be used by contractors.
  • Ball bearings carriage smooth trouble-free cutter
  • Heavy duty aluminum base will not crack, chip, and break.


  • The only cons is one hand cuts off.

Highlighted features and extra benefits

  • M-D building product 49047 is a 20-inch professional tile cutter.
  • Building 49047 tile cutter has chromed steel rails.
  • Comes in two eye-catching colors black and yellow.
  • check-square-o
    M-D 20" cutter is certified frustration-free.
  • check-square-o
    Comes with its own carrying bag to carry it safe or store it after clean.

9. Brutus 10552BR rip porcelain and ceramic tile cutter

Brutus 10552BR rip porcelain and ceramic tile cutter


  • Makes multiple rips and diagonal cuts easier and faster.
  • Titanium-coated tungsten carbide cutting wheels
  • Unique comfort grip handle.
  • Removable tip for storage of extra cutting wheels
  • Adjustable rip guide with U.S. standard and metric measurements.


  • It's heavy so difficult to move around

Highlighted features and extra benefits

  • Able to cuts wall and floor tile up to 20 inches, 14 inches diagonally, 1/2 inches thick.
  • 27 inches possible rip cut
  • Adjustable wheels that move in 4 heights
  • check-square-o
    Brutus tile cutter built for long-lasting durability.
  • check-square-o
    Engineered with thick rubber pads to protect tile
  • check-square-o
    Chrome plated steel rails with bumpers.
  • check-square-o
    Comes equipped with two replaceable 7/8 inches.
  • check-square-o
    It has a linear ball bearing for smooth cuts.

10. Tomecanic supercut 2175 tile cutter 29 inch

Tomecanic supercut 2175 tile cutter 29 inch


  • Super accurate and easy scoring
  • Made with nine ball bearings in the cutting head.
  • Suitable for ceramic and porcelain tiles.
  • Tomecanic supercut has large breaker and spring-loaded pads.
  • Easy snapping all types of tile


  • High prices tool
  • times-circle
    It doesn't come with a case.

Highlighted features and extra benefits

  • The supercut braking system lever produces 2500 lbs of pressure.
  • Powerful multipoint separator.
  • Supercut has 29 inches straight of cut and 20 inches diagonal cuts.
  • check-square-o
    Size of this tile cutter is 38 x 13.6 x 7.8 inches.
  • check-square-o
    Durable product and cuts very well.

11. QEP 10630Q manual tile cutter 24 inch

QEP 10630Q manual tile cutter 24 inch


  • QEP 10630Q can rip cuts porcelain and ceramic tile up to 24-inch.
  • Diagonal cut 1705 inches.
  • Easy to clean with soap and water.
  • Straight edge adjustable measurement guide
  • QEP has a 7/8-inch titanium-coated tungsten-carbide cutting


  • This machine can not cut the quartz stone.

Highlighted features and extra benefits

  • It is designed with features and details.
  • Quick way to make rip and diagonally cuts
  • Heavy duty and smooth function.
  • check-square-o
    QEP comes with dual, chrome-plated rugged steel rails and linear ball bearings.
  • check-square-o
    Cutting table extensions provide extra stability.
  • check-square-o
    Heavier tiles and accurate cutting
  • check-square-o
    Also features a wide aluminum alloy base.

12. QEP 10480Q 48 inches large format tile cutter

QEP 10480Q 48 inches large format tile cutter


  • Large format tile cutter can cuts up to 48 inches straights.
  • It also cuts 34 inches diagonally and 5/8 inch thick.
  • Gives accurate and easy cuts all the time.
  • QEP 10480Q made with ball bearings in the cutting head.
  • This manual cutter has a braking system lever.


  • Doesn't have a storage bag

Highlighted features and extra benefits

  • Locking slide to prevent damage in transport
  • Make your flooring project easier by cutting a wide variety
  • This large format tile (LFT) cutter is suitable for large tile
  • check-square-o
    Durable and professional cutter
  • check-square-o
    Gives the best value for your money


We don't want to leave you here, but we have quit our best ceramic tile cutter reviews. I wish this best tile cutter review content will be helpful for you to choose the quality tile cutter and punches the best one. Our research team did a hard job to see you satisfied with it.

Those tile cutters are suitable for ceramic, porcelain, glass, stone, mosaic, floor tile, and ceiling tile. Now I hope that you're happy with our content. Don't forget to let us know your experience by commenting. Have a good day! Bye!

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