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The ceramic sink is an important part of the kitchen room and bathroom. This is one of the most popular materials for use in the kitchen and bathroom. It makes the room, extremely tough very attractive. Unfortunately, even this attractive material can sometimes be damaged. It can be either by accidents where it has been struck by something like heavy metal, by constant wear and tear, or by cracking along the sides. If your ceramic sink is cracked, chipped, or scratched, and you searching for a ceramic sink repair method, then you are in the right place. Read the full content to fix a ceramic sink yourself.

These problems seem to be a bit of a disaster, as the ceramic sink is not as easy to fix for an amateur as a stainless steel sink might be. But if you have some basic home improvement knowledge and can follow a few simple rules, repairing your ceramic kitchen or bathroom sink can be done.

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Repair cracked ceramic sink

To repair your favorite ceramic sink, you will have to gather some tools and materials. Your job will finish half while you use suitable tools. Make sure, you will do your job with care. Let’s see some steps to repair ceramic sink.

Tools and materials you needed

Step A: Preparing the ceramic sink

To make sure that repairs have the best chance of sticking. You can use a drill to enlarge the crack and grind down the edges. This serves two methods. Firstly, it smooths down the sides carefully. Then, removing any sharp edges because the ceramic sink can give you a nasty nick if there is an edge. Secondly, it makes the inside of the crack slightly rougher so that the fixing putty has something to bond with the sink.

Step B: Use a putty

When you are finished preparing your sink, you have to think about putty. Many people have used ceramic kitchen sink or bathroom sink accessories, there is a market for products such as Milliput. This is a type of ceramic putty that is white and has a smooth finish.

This brand and other types of band ceramic putty can set underwater and form a waterproof bond when dried. When you apply these putties form a seal as hard as the ceramic itself. This wearing with putty should be as hard wearing as the sink.

Step C: Apply the putty on the sink

Make a solution with putty and water. After purchasing the ceramic putty check the instructions. You should mix the ceramic putty by using the following instructions on the side of the packet. Once this putty is ready to use, fill the crack in your ceramic kitchen sink using a putty knife.

You can also use a trowel if a knife is not available. Fill the sink crack as full as possible. Make sure that, pushing the putty into the corners of the crack. After that, smoothing off the top as much as you can, leaving only a small amount above the surface.

Step D: Finishing the Job

Leave the putty on the bathroom sink until it is almost dry. Then use a little bit of water along with a sponge or clean ceramic sink soft cloth to smooth out the surface. Continue to smooth the sink until it is completely level with the edge of the ceramic kitchen sink. Now, you need to leave the sink to dry on its own for at least 12 hours, perhaps more to get totally dry the sink.

Once the surface is completely dry and hard, you can use your cloth to polish over the cracked place. You can use water to rub the edges into the ceramic side so that it is barely noticeable. Finish the job when you think the putty solution is completely smooth. The putty solution will not look the same as an older ceramic, but it is better than a crack.

Ceramic sink scratch repair

You may not have to call a professional to help you with your ceramic sink repair. There are many ways to easily repair yourself. Ceramic sinks look wonderful in your kitchen or bathroom. But sometimes they can get scratched easily, especially if it is in the kitchen. If your ceramic sink is showing scratches, here’s what you can do to make them disappear.

Fix the scratches on ceramic sink

If your bathroom sink or kitchen sink got scratched its looks ugly. So, you have to fix it. Here are some steps that can help you to fix your sink. If you follow these repairing methods, you can fix it yourself. To fix the ceramic sink you will need some tools. Let’s see what we need to fix a ceramic sink.

Tools and materials needed

  • Bleach
  • Cup
  • Warm water
  • Soft cloth
  • Barkeeper friend cleaner

Step A: Bleach the Sink

Most of the time scratches are caused by the action of washing pots, spoons, pans, and other things as far as the kitchen sink is concerned. You need to avoid scrubbing the bottom of your sink with abrasive cleaners as much as possible to avoid removing the shiny finish of your ceramic sink.

As soon as you begin to see scratches on the ceramic sink, fill it up with warm water. Then, add about two cups of bleach into the sink. These steps do at night before you go to bed and let the solution work overnight. If the scratches are minor there is a good chance that they will be gone in the morning from the sink. Drain the ceramic sink and wipe it off with a soft cloth. This method should be done regularly to keep your ceramic sink sparkling and white without scrubbing.

Step B: Use bar keepers friend cleaner

This commercial cleaner can be found in almost every grocery, hardware, or online store. It is well known for working wonders on not only ceramic but stainless steel as well. This cleaner is available in the form of scouring powder. But, recently a scrubbing cream formula was created, so you have two options. You can choose what you want.

The cream version will likely be your best bet for white ceramic to prevent scratching off the shine. Just scour the scratches on the sink with a soft scrubbing pad. Scratches that are caused by aluminum pans and pots should come off easily when using this ceramic product.

Step C: Using a ceramic repair kit

If the bleach solution and the barkeeper friend cleaner can’t remove all the scratches, those remaining scratches may be a little deeper than the surface. If you see that scratches are actually small cracks, there is a ceramic repair kit that you will be able to find at your local hardware store. The ceramic repair kit will allow you to remedy the situation yourself.

The kit consists of an epoxy mix that you can apply with a toothpick to fill the crack, and then you simply wipe off the excess with a sponge. It has to cure for a given amount of time, so make sure you read the steps carefully. This ceramic kit comes in different colors, allowing you to match your sink even if it not white. In most cases, you will not be able to tell that there had been any damage in the first place of your ceramic sink.

Protect your ceramic sink

Remember that a ceramic sink will always get scratches, and there are steps you should take to protect its surface. You can use rubber sink mats on the kitchen sink to protect the surface from the bottom of the dishes. Not all scratches are avoidable on the sink. However, follow this guide to fix them yourself and get your ceramic sink shining again!

Repair chip in the ceramic sink

Ceramic and porcelain are closely related materials. You can make chip repairs on each material using the same process. Ceramic is more dense and porous because it’s fired at a lower temperature. When done with patience, the repair will so closely match the rest of the ceramic sink, you’ll likely be the only one who knows it’s there.

Step A: Buy a ceramic repair kit

The ceramic repair kit is typically stocked at home centers and hardware stores. Choose a kit that matches the color of your ceramic sink. If possible, check with your ceramic sink manufacturer, which will probably stock a repair kit in your sink color.

Step B: Clean the repair area

You can clean the ceramic sink in the repair area on the ceramic sink with soap and water. It can remove any fingerprints, oils, or soap buildup in the vicinity. Rinse it well, and allow the repair area to dry thoroughly.

Step C: Sand the chip

Use a light touch to sand the chip. This repair kit probably supplies a small piece of sandpaper. But you can use fine 220-grit sandpaper as a substitute. Only sand around the chipped area on the sink.

Step D: Rub the sanded area

Now, rub the area with denatured alcohol that is sanded. This will further clean the repair and clear out any debris from sanding.

Step E: Mix the filler

If your repair kit supplies them just mix the filter. Some kits have a patching substance that may be a 1 or 2-part filler, as well as a tinted glaze. Another kit only contains the glaze. Patch the chip with several light layers of the filler. Then allow the material to dry completely between layers. The last layer needs to overfill the chip with a barely noticeable raised area.

Step F: Sand the filler

Now time to sand the filler lightly once the final layer has dried completely.

Step G: Paint the chip

In this step, paint the chip with a glaze applied over the filler in several light coats. You have to use only a small amount of glaze with each coat. After that, let the glaze dry thoroughly between each coat. These steps may take several additional coats if the kit did not come with a filler. Feather each layer out beyond the chip so the repair blends in naturally with the rest of the ceramic sink.

Step H: Sand the glaze

After the last layer has dried you need to sand the glaze. Buff a shine into the glaze with a soft cloth, such as dishcloths.

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