Top 10 Best Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner Reviews 2021

Hello everyone! How are you doing today? Are you searching for the best ceramic cooktop cleaner, then right now you are in the right place. Because in this review content, we're going to review the top 10 best cooktop cleaner.

So, please read the full ceramic cooktop reviews and then purchase one that meets your requirement. We've added only the best product, so pick any one that you like. We hope these products will never disappoint you.

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Cerama Bryte ceramic cooktop cleaner

Here is our top 5 best products

Top 10 Best Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner Reviews

1. Weiman cooktop cleaner and polish 22 fluid ounce

There is much reason to put Weiman cooktop cleaner on our top list of this review content. The Weiman cooktop cleaners has some extra cleaning strength and feature.

It has anti-scratch formula so that you will able to clean your cooktop with a gently effective touch. The cleaning performance of the best stove-top cleaner is awesome.

This cleaner can clean burnt food, old grease, oil residue, and regular dirty from the cooktop.

The Weiman cooktop bundle pack includes the Weiman daily cooktop cleaner and Weiman microfiber cloth. So, you don't have to buy microfiber cloth or sponge to clean your ceramic cooktop.

The microfiber cloth and cleaner comes with a non-abrasive formula to clean, streak-free, and features. This product will protect your ceramic cooktop, glass cooktop, induction cooktop, countertop, and clean your appliance without scratching or damaging. It can be used as a oven top cleaner.

It will give you a good result with safety cleans up, stubborn stains, splattered food, and greasy, oil residue to revitalize maintain your cooktop surface that keeps clean, brighter, shiny, and longer.

This cooktop cleaner specially formulated to remove dirt, greases, stains, fingerprints, and other dirt from the cooktop. Also, it is working on the toughest burned-on food stain and baked-on food stain.

Why we choose Weiman cooktop cleaner

Weiman cooktop cleaner spray cleans passion to reveal the superior shine of your cooktop surface. Weiman cleaner is made with a steak-less gentle formula that properly cleans up oil residue, greasy without leaving streaks.

This glass top stove cleaner easy to use, and it makes ceramic and Glass cooktop surface smooth, shiny, and brighter. Also, this cleaner protects your stovetop from damaging and tough stain. It works on both glass cooktop and ceramic cooktop to clean up brilliantly.

It is the most popular cleaner in America for cleaning cooktop and safe for cooktop surface. Anti-steak formulated Weiman cooktop cleaner can brilliantly clean all types of dirt and stain from the cooktop. It can be your regular useable cleaner to clean your lovely cooktop.

highlighted features

  • Best quality cleaner
  • Steak-free and non-abrasive formula
  • One-touch cleaning formula
  • Specially formulated to remove grease, grime, and steak.
  • Free microfiber cloth includes
  • Easy to use

2. Weiman cooktop cleaner max for ceramic cooktop

Stainless steel stovetop is hard surface so that, you can clean it with a steel wool pad by scribing. But, the ceramic stovetop is a smooth and shiny surface. That's why you can't use this method to clean it.

Women cooktop cleaner Max is the best cleaner for ceramic stove top. This item has micro-bead technology formula, so just a small amount of powder can remove grease and burn-on food but doesn't scratch the stovetop surface.

This cleaner provides easy cleaning and fast cleaning features. Use the lemon-scented paste, cooktop cleaning cream, and enclosed pad that conveniently stores in the lid after fast cleaning.

Now you can see there are no steak or watermarks at all. Many customers write on the Amazon, this is the best cleaner for stove top and burn on stuff that doesn't like to come off with scribbling pad and the ceramic stove top polish.

Overall, it is clean so fast and using method pretty easy. This cleaning product is twice faster than other products on the market.

If you spend 30 minutes scrubbing with other cleaners, but with Weiman cook top cleaner Max takes 3 to 4 minutes.

Why we choose Weiman cooktop cleaner Max

It is a powerful cleaner and clean ceramic top stove very smoothly. It can remove the worst burned-on messes and grime effectively, will not scratch the ceramic surface and comes with a scrubbing pad and ceramic cooktop cleaning cream.

Cooktop cleaner Max has non-abrasive cooktop pads. It will help you to easily remove heavily burned-on food, grime, and grease. Ceramic Max cleaner using micro-bead technology, it gives scrubbing power and leaves a brilliant shine without any scratching.

The cleaning features are amazing. It can dramatically clean, make shine and protect glass stovetop, ceramic stovetop, and induction smooth top ranges.

Make a stick-free shine while removing splattered food, oily residue, water-mark, and dirt. You can use this item on all major surfaces like ceramics, glass, and porcelain cooktop.

Highlighted features

  • Micro-bead technology
  • Dramatically clean, shine, and smooth.
  • Safely cleans without scratching
  • Free non-abrasive cooktop pad 5 Easy to use
  • Cleans faster than other cleaners
  • Easy to use

3. Whirlpool Affresh w10355051 ceramic cooktop cleaner, 10 ounces

Do you have ceramic cooktop? Do your cooktops get stingy stains? Is your ceramic cooktop cover with baked-on food residue?

Don't worry about that because now you have Whirlpool Affresh cooktop cleaner.

Whirlpool is the number one world-class brand and Whirlpool cleaner products are also world-class.

Their special formula makes it super cleaner, non-abrasive, and smooth cleaner.

Affresh cooktop cleaner reviews knowing you that, this  is safe for the ceramic cooktop, glass ceramic cooktop, and stainless steel cooktop. It can easily clean your cooktop in 2 minutes. Many people suggest this cleaner as the best glass ceramic cooktop cleaner.

Why we choose whirlpool Affresh cleaner

Whirlpool is a popular product and world-class brand. Most of the house owners like to use this cleaner. This cleaner easy to use and cleans quickly.

It is safe for ceramic, glass, stainless steel, and it is also non-abrasive cleaner. This item easily cuts through grease, grime, and the toughest baked-on food residue. These 10 ounces cleaner can properly work on major surfaces.

highlighted features

  • World class brand
  • Non-abrasive formula
  • Clean faster and quickly
  • Properly work on major surfaces
  • Easy to use

4. Cerama Bryte ceramic cooktop cleaning kit with one scraper and one cleaning pad

Cerama Bryte is the best product in the market. Cerama Bryte will never fall you down or damaging your appliance.

If your ceramic cooktop near to damaging, tough stain, or baked-on food, grease, and you looking for the best cleaner from the market.

No matter cause Cerama Bryte cleaner is with you now. Once you have used this cleaner, you will come back soon to get it again.

The Cerama Bryte ceramic cleaner comes with a special formula, 1 cleaning pad, and 1 scrubber pad. So you don't have to invest another money to purchase a cleaning pad and a scraper.

Why we choose Cerama Bryte cleaner

The Cerama Bryte ceramic top cleaner kit includes 10 ounces bottle of cleaner, one cleaning pad, and one scraper. It is safe for ceramic stovetop cleaner, glass cooktop, stainless steel cooktop, and other all smooth surfaces cooktop.

Cleans the toughest debris like grease, stubborn stain, and removes baked-on food, burn-on food residue. It makes your cooktop shiny, smooth, and brighter. You can purchase this cleaner for your regular uses.

Highlighted features

  • This cleaner comes with a special formula
  • Safe for ceramic stovetop
  • Smoothly clean ceramic cooktop surface
  • Cerama Bryte has extra cleaning strength 
  • It makes the cooktop shiny and brighter

5. EZ Brite glass and ceramic cook top cleaner & conditioner

The EZ Brite cleaner is for both ceramic and glass cooktops. EZ Brite ceramic cleaner can remove heat stains, tough, burnt-on food, and daily messes leaving a protective coating and shine.

Also, this is the most useable cleaner for ceramic and glass cooktop to easy cleanup.

These products are phosphate-free, and they are never using bleach, and EZ Brite cleaner is 100% biodegradable and non-toxic.

The EZ Brite cooktop cleaner has been a premium and traditional cleaner in American homes since 1972. This cooktop cleaner and conditioner is manufactured to gently clean glass cooktop, ceramic cooktop, and stainless steel cooktop.

The EZ cleaner is also suitable for stainless steel sinks, kitchen countertops, bathroom fixtures, glass shower doors, fiberglass, and porcelain. Do not use this cleaner on stainless steel appliances, cabinet panels, and painted surfaces.

Why we choose EZ Brite cooktop cleaner

EZ ceramic cleaner & conditioner is a premium and traditional cleaner in American homes since 1972. It is designed by a 7 oz gel bottle. Works on ceramic and glass surfaces and properly. This cleaner is phosphate-free, 100% biodegradable, and non-toxic. Easy to use and safe for cooktop surface.

Highlighted Features

  • Premium and traditional cleaner
  • Formulated to gently and safely clean the ceramic surface.
  • 100% biodegradable, and non-toxic cleaner.
  • Phosphate-free cleaner
  • User-friendly

6. Cerama Bryte ceramic cooktop cleaner with 10 scraper pads

Cerama Bryte is a popular cleaner brand. They make their product better than other products on the market.

You can search anywhere you want but, you will end up finding this cleaner.

Because this is the best cleaner for glass cooktop, stainless steel cooktop, and ceramic stovetop.

After testing the Cerama Bryte cleaner, we will consider this cleaner is the best stainless steel cleaner for their performance and outstanding quality.

The Cerama Bryte cleaner will make your cooktop and other appliances smoothly shine, brighter, polished, and better than ever before. The extra special formula cleans all the debris even burnt food stains from your cooktop.

This cleaner can clean a strong and old grease baked-on food debris without scratching your stovetop. The results you get after cleaning, it will make you happy because it will make your cooktop brighter than before.

Why we choose Cerama Bryte cleaner

Cerama Bryte cooktop cleaner is made in the USA. This is the number one cooktop cleaner formula in the world. It is also safe for all halogen and radiant stovetops.

Most of the Amazon customers recommend this cleaner for the ceramic cooktop and glass-ceramic cooktop. One customer wrote on Amazon, I bought Cerama Bryte cleaner for my ceramic cooktop.

The manufacturer of my ceramic cooktop recommends cleaning my ceramic cooktop with any ceramic stove cleaner. That's why I bought this amazing best stove top cleaner.

I clean my cooktop with this cleaner. It is an amazing cleaner and works better. I just buff my cooktop out with a microfiber cloth and use the paste to make it shine. The Cerama Bryte cleaner cleans smoothly, and I glad to found it.

highlighted features

  • Number one brand on the market
  • Best cleaning performance
  • Clean easily even burn-on stains
  • One cleaning sponge and one scraper free
  • One touch cleaning power

7. Bar keeper friend multipurpose ceramic and glass cooktop cleaner, 13 ounces

Bar keeper friend ceramic cooktop cleaners is a satisfying product that will never let you down.

We've tested this product on many surfaces and got perfect results. I personally know this product has the best ceramic stove top cleaner.

Bar keeper friend multi-purpose cleaner can easily clean ceramic cooktop, radiant and halogen glass cooktop, and glass cookware. It is safe for ceramic and glass stovetops.

This product's special formula helps it to smoothly wipe out any type of dirt, food residue, fingerprints, and stains without leaving any scratch. This item also silicone and ammonia-free which is are very safe for cooking on after cleaning it.

Simply Clean your ceramic cooktop, glass cooktop, ceramic cookware, and glass surfaces with this multi-purpose stovetop cleaner. It has a strong cleaning ability and safe for ceramic surfaces.

Easily and quickly cleaning features will help you to clean your cooktop faster. It is a citric acid-based formula that makes it clean and harder food-residue without scratching the glossy surface.

So, this product is ideal for cleaning ceramic or glass cooktop as well as suitable for other delicate surfaces. Bar Keeper's cleaner also suitable for ceramic dinner and sharing ware, metal cookware, ceramic stovetop, and glass cooktop.

Note: Do not use bar Keeper's friend multi-purpose cleaner on silver, gold, and polished stone-like marble, granite, and mirrored or painted surfaces.

Why we choose bar Keeper's friend cleaner

The technology used on bar keeper cooktop cleaner is a citric acid-based formulation that makes cleaning your induction ceramic cooktop quick and safe. This formulation easily removes any type of food residue, oily residue, dirt, grime, and grease without scratching your cooktop surface.

This cleaner can clean any type of surfaces such as a ceramic cooktop, glass cooktop, ceramic dinner, and serving ware to buff out utensil mark, serving ware, and metalware.

It can clean quickly and gift you a superior result. But keeper friend cleaner is the cheapest cleaner than other normal cleaners. So, this is the best cleaner with less price.

I've seen that most of the Amazon customer says, this cleaner is very good for cleaning any type of cooktop. They used it and re-order again because it's a good cleaner at a low price. Also, they recommend others to use this cleaner for ceramic cooktop.

Highlighted features

  • Multi-purpose cleaner
  • Smoothly wipe out any type of dirt
  • Citric acid-based formulation
  • Ideal for cleaning ceramic cooktop
  • Easily clean oily residue, dirt, grime, and grease

8. Therapy cooktop cleaning kit 16 oz

This product is from therapy, and it is the number one class product.

This is the world-renowned brand, and they are different than other bands. They make their cleaner best then other cleaners on the market.

That's why therapy is the popular cooktop cleaner on the market.

They make it a unique formula and unique design on the market. The eco-friendly therapy cleaner is safe for ceramic surfaces, and also it is safe for all types of Smooth surfaces cooktop. You can use a therapy cooktop cleaner on your ceramic cooktop, glass cooktop, and stainless steel cooktop. If you search for the best glass cooktop cleaner reviews, this product will make you happy.

Also, you can use it on the ceramic sink, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, and induction cooktop cleaner to cut off the stains. I also consider this therapy cleaner as the best glass cooktop cleaner. You can purchase this cleaner for your ceramic glass cooktop cleaner to get better results.

Why we choose therapy cleaner

Therapy is the number one product in the market. This is the cooktop cleaner that safe for multi-surfaces. Easily cleans grease, burnt-on food, oily residue, toughest burnt, and stains.

This cleaner can protect your cooktop from damaging and scratches. Smoothly cleans and leaves your laptop brighter. The therapy cleaner comes with a 16 oz cleaning bottle and a non-abrasive scrubbing sponge. Read more, tricks to clean ceramic stove.

Highlighted features

  • Therapy is world-renowned brand
  • Unique formula and unique design on the market
  • The eco-friendly cleaner
  • Safe for ceramic cooktop
  • One non-abrasive scrubbing sponge free

9. ZEP heavy-duty citrus degreaser 32 ounces, best for baked enamel

The ZEP heavy duty degreaser cleaner will cut through grease, stain, oil residue, on both electric and ceramic baked enamel stovetops. This is a heavy-duty cleaner for ceramic glass cooktops.

This ceramic glass cleaner is heat resistance, heavy-duty, and grime cleaner formulated. They clean smoothly and fast without damaging the stovetop surface. ZEP heavy-duty cleaner is perfect for ceramic stovetop, ceramic gas cooktop, and electric cooktop.

Today you can buy this ZEP heavy-duty citrus degreaser 32 ounces cleaner for your ceramic, gas, or electric stove top cleaners. The ceramic finishes are easy to clean and durable once you get rid of the greasy film that can coat the surface.

But when you clean with ZEP heavy-duty degreaser, you don't need any scouring with abrasive pads. Because of the natural citrus solution will cut through the grease.

Simply spray it on the stovetop and wait for five minutes then wipe away the sticky messes. Wipe the cooktop with a soft and clean cloth or sponge dipped in hot water for a final rinse.

You can combine some ZEP heavy-duty cleaner and 50/50 water into a separate spray bottle to use everyday messes. It is safe to use and effective on ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals surfaces.

To clean tough, old stain, burn-on food, and dried dirty spray it and wait for at least 5 minutes. Use a rubber scraper to scrape the dirty area and wipe it away.

If you want to clean your free-standing or built-in stovetop, make sure to lift the stovetop or remove the drip pans to clean away food that has dipped inside. Overall, I think you will love this cleaner for your stop top. Also read, How to clean black ceramic gas stove top?

Why we choose ZEP heavy-duty citrus degreaser cleaner

Highlighted features

  • Heavy-duty cleaner
  • It has natural citrus solution
  • Clean cooktops within 5 minutes
  • It is safe to use and effective on ceramic cooktop
  • Removes dirt and stains faster

10. Weiman cooktop scrubbing pads 18 counts, 6 pack

Keep your ceramic cooktops natural beauty in your home with Weiman cooktop scrubbing pads. The scrubbing pads are engineered with a non-abrasive formula to clean, streak-free, shine and protect all types of the cooktop. The scrubbing pads are suitable for ceramic, glass, induction, counter top, and gas stove top cleaner without scratching the cooktop surface or damaging your appliance.

The Weiman scrubbing pads in the USA. It is specially formulated for effective cleans, and remove all type of stains. These cooktop scrubbing pads are specially formulated to remove the stain, grease, grime, fingerprint, dirt, and oily residue.

It is also removing tough baked-on food debris, barn-on stain, and allowing you to achieve the perfect results your home deserves.

The non-toxic formulation and unique designed scrubbing pads are safe to use regularly on any smooth surfaces, such as ceramic stovetop, electric flat top Grill, induction grill, and radiation halogen glass cooktop. Weiman cleaning pads are perfect for scratch-resistant, home, pro, chief, household cleaning, and any type of cooktop.

Why we choose Weiman scrubbing pads

Weiman cooktop scrubbing pads have extra strength to remove burnt-on food and other tough stains. This scrubbing pad cleans smoothly and it makes your cooktop natural beauty and shines as well.

These cooktop pads make sure to clean with gently yet effective touch. The fast clean formula makes it an effective scrubbing pad for cooktop. This scrubbing pads smoothly clean splattered food, oily residue, grease, watermarks, and leave a stick-free shine.

Weiman cooktop pad cleans without scratching any delicate surface and safe for all major cooktops. You can clean your cooktop with these scrubbing pads and easily finish your job with touch.

highlighted features

  • Non-abrasive formula
  • Scratch-resistant formulated
  • Unique designed scrubbing pads
  • Cleans without scratching any delicate surface
  • Streak-free formula

Things to consider before buying cooktop cleaners

It's difficult to buy the best cooktop cleaner without knowing its features, useability, safety, and long-lasting activities. All the products have different features and specifications.

Each cooktop cleaning product claims to be the best one in its place. So, we're here to help you with your choice and buying satisfaction. Here we gather the most factors to choose the best product that you need. Read our buying guide and consider the best products that will fill up your needs.

Types of cooktop

There are different types of cooktop available in the market. Those cooktop made from different materials like ceramic, glass, and stainless steel. So there are different types of cleaning agents for different types of cooktops.

So, to get great results, make sure you've chosen the best cleaning product for your specific cooktop. The cleaner you choose, it must be made for your cooktop and safe for your cooktop.

Check the cleaners PH levels

The ceramic, glass, and stainless steel stovetop commonly become dirty because of oil residue, food debris, burnt food, and oily surface. In this case, the cleaner gets in and cleans the cooktop and cleans the cooktop without leaves any nasty stains on it.

The high-quality cooktop cleaner should be naturally PH leveled. Natural cooktop cleaners are safe for the stovetop. So before buying a cleaner, don't forget to read PH information. A natural PH cleaner helps to oil residue and hard food burnt stain. Make sure your cooktop cleaner is naturally PH leveled.


Safety is the best way is everywhere. The cooktop cleaner you select must be perfect to remove the hard stain, and on the other hand, it must be safe for your health.

Make sure, the chemical you use to clean your cooktop must be safe for your cooktop and safe for your children. We've recommended safe cleaners above on the list.

The reason we hunting for safety cleaners, we've been seen that the harsh chemical can cause skin problems which will be unbearable.

It is not suitable that you'll get skin problems because of using normal cooktop cleaner. To avoid it, make sure your cleaner safe for you.

Easy application

While looking for a quality cooktop cleaner, there are lots of cleaners available in the market. Each cleaning product has different features and specifications.

However, all those features will go in vain if the product is not easy to apply. So easy application is also a great value for a cleaning product.


It is also important for those who come to buy cleaner for their stovetop. However, the cheapest cleaners will not go to work better as you want. Look for a quality product that will give you cleaning satisfaction. So, find out which cleaners will do the best job within your budget.

There are lots of wide ranges of cleaning products of different price ranges. You can choose from there according to your cleaning performance to keep your stovetop brighter and smooth cleaned. Also, keep in mind that it's budget-friendly.


No one likes a cleaner that is not longer lasts. The long-lasting activities will give your cooktop shiny always.

Moreover, it is a good idea to look for the long-lasting feature before buying a product. In this context, we have shown above a longer-lasting product, and it will work less amount of cleaner.

To check long-lasting products, buy a good brand like Weiman cooktop cleaner. They are the best in their job.

How to clean ceramic cooktop naturally

Do you know how to clean a ceramic cooktop? No one likes a dirty cooktop. Today I'm going to present to you how to clean the ceramic cooktop. To clean your ceramic cooktop properly, read all steps, and apply them to your stuff.

If your cooktop is not too dirty or stained, you could use these steps to clean your cooktop regularly. In this step, you will need baking soda and one large rag to finish your job.

Start clean ceramic stovetop step by step

Step one: Lightly sprinkle some baking soda over the stove. You don't need to measure the baking soda's amount. Just take some baking soda and lightly coat the stovetop. It is a natural cleaner. It takes some time to finish your job.

Step two: Bring a large dish rag and put it in hot and soapy water. The rag size should be a cooktop size to cover the cooktop.

Step three: Take off the rag from soapy water. Properly wring it out. The rag should be damp, not saturated. Now, lay the dishrag over the baking soda on the cooktop. Leave it for at least 15 minutes.

Step four: Once you covered the ceramic cooktop with dishrag for 15 minutes, wipe the baking soda away. Use a perfect microfiber towel to scrub the cooktop. Weiman microfiber scrubber is very good for this step. Scrub the cooktop surface with a quality scrubber, then clean the surface as well.

Step five: Clean the spills as soon as possible. Use a dry towel to clean the spills. If you leave spills for a long time, it will be harder to remove later. So clean the stovetop surface and leave it to dry naturally.

Note: Avoid ammonia-based cleaners to clean your cooktop. Do not use ammonia-based cleaner or liquid on the ceramic cooktop.

Instant clean ceramic cooktop

If you want to clean your ceramic cooktop instantly, Use one of the professional cleaners from above. Apply professional cleaners on the stovetop. Take a dishcloth or microfiber pad and scrub as well. Then wipe the cooktop surface with a soft dishcloth. Now you are done. It's very easy and faster to clean with professional cleaners.

final words

Overall, The best ceramic cooktop cleaner review content reviewed the best product on the market. All these product are testified and checked. So, you can purchase any product from this content without any doubt.


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