Tricks to clean the glass ceramic

The glass ceramic is the most innovative cooking system in recent years. Its ease of use and considerable security with respect to traditional stoves have led countless families to incorporate it into their kitchens. It is characterized by having a glass between the heat source and the utensil that is to be heated. In this article, I will share some tricks to clean the glass ceramic.

Clean glass ceramic

Its cleaning is much more comfortable than that of traditional stoves, it is not necessary to disassemble it, but having a type of glassy ceramic is very easy to damage, scratch or even break it during this process. That is why you can’t use the same cleaning tools that we used for the stove. But do not worry. In this article, we share with you some tricks to clean the ceramic hob in a simple, fast and efficient way. Read more, best ceramic cooktop cleaner.

Step to step follow:

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    Before starting with the homemade tricks to clean the glass ceramic, you should know what are the basic cleaning utensils. Forget about steel scouring pads and lullabies, since they would scratch the glass of the ceramic plates. Instead, you should use soft sponges, eco-friendly cloths or cloths and a scraper. This last tool is indispensable for the care and washing of glass-ceramics. It is very important that the sponge is soft because it could also damage the surface.
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    Once we have acquired the appropriate cleaning utensils, we should proceed to an initial washing of the glass ceramic with soap and water. To do this, look at this article on how to clean glass-ceramic because here is detailed what kind of soap you have to use and how.
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    If there are still stains attached, one of the most widespread homemade tricks to clean the glass ceramic is lemon. Apply a few drops of its juice on the spots, let them act a few seconds and rub them gently with a clean cloth or a cloth, you will see how they disappear. If they are very difficult spots, use a scraper instead of the cloth.
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    Another of the most effective homemade tricks to clean the glass ceramic is vinegar. Dissolve a little vinegar in water, apply it on the spots and let it act for a few seconds. Then, with an ecological cloth or clean cloth, rub all the glass-ceramic. You will see that the spots disappear and that it provides a spectacular shine. Vinegar is a potent homemade brightener.
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    The ice is one of the most effective tricks. What you should do is, in case of difficult spots, take a little ice, apply it on the stain and leave it for a few minutes to cool it. Then, with a scraper, drag it and you'll see how fast it jumps.
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    If you repair the stain as soon as it occurs, such as food falling or a plastic container that burns, you must act quickly to prevent the stain from adhering completely. Immediately, cover the stain with soap and, as soon as it cools a little, clean it. Be very careful not to burn yourself, because although it seems that it does not burn as much as the stove, the reality is that it is stronger.
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    Finally, you must take into account the kitchen utensils that you use, because the pots and pans that you used for the stoves do not work. They must be special for glass ceramic to prevent paint from leaping, adhering to the surface or scratching it. Remember that you can not use abrasive products, such as degreasers, as it will discolor and scratch the surface. Test all these tricks to clean the glass ceramic and forget about the stains.

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    Do not forget to use gloves to clean the ceramic hob.
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    In all cases, dry the surface with a clean cloth or kitchen paper.

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