How to Fix Broken Ceramic Figurines step by step guide

How to fix broken ceramic figurine

Hey there! I’m William Jon from Florida. Now I’m going to discuss broken ceramic figurines. Sometimes, our adorable ceramic figurines fell by mistake, then it gets broke. Some of the figurines are our collection or someone our beloved. So, many people harts for their figurines. In this case, if you know how to fix broken … Read more

How To Clean A Ceramic Curling Iron

How To Clean Ceramic Curling Iron

A ceramic curling iron is one of the most amazing tools for the hairstyle. Most of the women they use it and they love it too. A proper take care can extend curling irons lifetime. To use it a long time with the best service, you need to know how to clean a ceramic curling … Read more

Ceramic Sink Repair Step By Step

The ceramic sink is an important part of the kitchen room and bathroom. This is one of the most popular materials for use in the kitchen and bathroom. It makes the room, extremely tough very attractive. Unfortunately, even this attractive material can sometimes be damaged. It can be either by accidents where it has been … Read more

How To Apply Ceramic Coating On The Car


Hey, what’s up, guys. Welcome to On today’s show I’m going to talk about how to apply a ceramic coating on a car. So, it’s all the craze lately in the car detailing world. So, I’m gonna tell you what they are, what they do more importantly, how to properly use them and apply … Read more

What Is A Ceramic Heater

Many people asking about what is a ceramic heater. The ceramic heater is an electric device that generates heat by using a heating element PCT (positive temperature coefficient) ceramic. This is a consumer product in the market. These heaters have a ceramic plate and aluminum baffles, when electricity passes through the ceramic plate, it starting … Read more



The ​best ceramic pans are increasingly popular among customers, who increasingly demand more products resistant, environmentally friendly and clean. The number of people who decide to buy ceramic frying pans is increasing because, in addition to being one of the best non-stick materials, they are much easier to clean. Today at Ganiveteria Roca we explain … Read more