How to install shower curtains over ceramic tiles

Installing your shower curtain in washrooms is a common problem. Probably, you hesitate to do this because it can damage your “ceramic tie.” People are very conscious about the layout of their washrooms. They don’t want any scar on the ceramic tiles. Therefore, they remain hesitant when it comes to installing shower curtains on ceramic tiles. Here in this article, we are going to showing you how to install shower curtains over ceramic tiles step by step.

That’s why; many people don’t opt for putting the rod into ceramic tiles. They manage their need by putting a “temporary rod” or “tension rod” between walls. They do it to avoid risking tile layout. Many people hire professional people to perform the task. If you intend to install curtains on your own, it is not a difficult process at all. Read more, how to repair ceramic tile popping up?

How to install shower curtains over ceramic tiles

How to install shower curtains over ceramic tiles

However, there are many safe methods to install shower curtains easily. By following some simple steps, you can have the curtain installed. Moreover, it doesn’t cause any damage to your “ceramic” and “porcelain” tiles. So, you don’t need to go for a cheaper and easier method of installing “temporary curtains.”

Moreover, if you have any ambiguity left, we will show you a step-by-step procedure to resolve the issues. Just follow the steps mentioned below and get desired results.

Cleaning and marking the ceramic wall

The first step in installing the curtains is cleaning and marking the tile. Both steps are simple and can be performed using simple knowledge. Cleaning depends upon the condition of your ceramic tile. If the tile has been in use for many years, it can rupture on drilling.

Additionally, it requires more cleaning. So, you can clean the ceramic tile using warm water and a damp sponge. If it remains unclear, try using a soap solution.

Apply soap solution on ceramic tiles and wash it with warm water. Use a rag to clean it up. Cleaning is essential because once the curtain is installed, you can’t clean it immediately. The next step is marking the area where you want to hand the curtain.

Select a heightened area where you can easily hang your clothes. You can feel the need to mark multiple places on ceramic tile. It is necessary when you want to make more than one hole on the tile.

Measure the floor from both sides and mark on tiles. It would be best to keep in mind about length and height from both sides of the tiles. Don’t make any mistakes at this step. Check here, how to repair hairline crack in ceramic tile?

Marking the spots

We will mark the location after cleaning. We have already decided about the place where to install the curtain. We will mark the spot from both sides of the curtain. Hence, there is something necessary to remember about marking the points. Firstly, mark exactly at the same spot from both ends of the curtains. This is necessary to give level to the hanging rod.

So, be precise about pointing the marks. This is not a single-person task. You can have help from another person. That will be much better. You can make precise your marking with another straight rod made up of iron. Holding the rod between both markings will help you to draw exact points. In this way, you will be able to draw précised points. People also search for, how to lay ceramic tile over concrete floor?

Drilling the holes on ceramic wall

Installing ceramic shower curtain rod

This is the most crucial process in installing shower curtains. You have to remember two things; one can drill at the right place, and the other is not cracking the ceramic tile. Don’t use any high-speed drilling machine. It will break the ceramic tile and give a bad look.

Try using a low-speed grilling machine. The speed is maintained at 200 to 300 revolutions per minute. We don’t use ordinary metal rods to make a hole in ceramic tile. It will produce a crack in the tile. We use fresh diamond or carbide blades to make a hole in ceramic tile or porcelain tile. It is a safe method and doesn’t rupture the tile.

Also, don’t apply pressure at once. Apply gentle pressure and keep lubricating the drill from time to time. The oil supply is necessary as it keeps the drilling process moist and prevents the ceramic tile from cracking. You may like, how to repair ceramic tile?

Screwing the wall

Moving ahead, we will screw the brackets. This is again a two-person task. A single person may find it difficult may catch an injury. We should do screwing by going at a certain height. Height must be incongruent with holes we just did. Use a large and wide stool to stand on. It will help you reach a certain height.

It would help if you cared about tile at this point. Don’t screw directly into ceramic tile. It can cause rupturing. You need to place a plastic or a wooden piece between the screw and ceramic tile. It will save the tile from cracking. Anchor the screw clockwise. Moreover, don’t rush the screw; instead, try screwing slowly. May you like, how thick is ceramic tile?

Inserting the rod

We are about to complete the process of installing curtains. We have done screwing, and now it is time to hang than curtains. The curtain is carefully hanged on both ends. Two persons purely perform it. Try inserting both ends at the same time.

Both people will stand up on stools on both sides and will insert the rod into mounting brackets. It would help if you were careful about the level of the rod. Also, buy a rod of good quality and prefer quality over cost. Flexible roads are not good in use as they show a lot of flexibility. The road should be damn hard and inflexible. You can use the level to ensure the position of the rod. A popular article, how to seal ceramic tile?

Installing shower curtain over ceramic tile

The final step in our process is to hang the shower curtain. Hang curtain over the rod with easy method. If your curtains hook, need to be fixed. Don’t buy curtains and rods from different places; instead, try to buy from the same shop. The color of the curtain should be dark as it doesn’t look dirty. If you buy a white curtain, it will need daily washing, which is hard for you. I hope how to install shower curtains over ceramic tiles article helped you out.

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