How to use the neti pot correctly (Step by step guideline)

Hey everybody, it's William Jon from the Today's fame tip is all about how to use the neti pot correctly? So a neti pot is basically where you're going to use a little teapot type tool, and you're going to irritate your nose with a water-salt solution. I've come to love my neti pot. It has helped me transfer over from using traditional medication to just a neti pot. It's a great green alternative for those of you allergy sufferers out there.

how to use the neti pot correctly

If you suffer from seasonal allergy or sinusitis, this content is perfect for you. Welcome you to the site, a place where we publish all the necessary content to help the peoples.

Today's article we're going to understand everything there is to know about how to use a ceramic neti pot? It's great if you have sinusitis or seasonal allergies. It also makes you really alert and aware.

I think we could all use a little more of that. Okay, so to begin you need to know how to use neti pot? When to use the neti pot? When not to use a neti pot? And what is the symptom to use a ceramic neti pot correctly?

Why we're using the neti pot?

The neti pot is a popular and favorite home-based treatment solution for nasal congestion. If you have upper respiratory congestion, seasonal allergies, sinusitis, or recovering from nasal surgery, you can buy a ceramic neti pot and use a store-bought ready made or homemade solution to irrigate your nostrils.

This tool can clear out mucus and temporarily restore ease breathing performance. It helps a lot for those people who have nasal problems.

The neti pot works well, and it's safe to use as long as you follow the safety guidelines and use the device as directed. You'll love it after using it properly.

How does a neti pot works?

A ceramic and porcelain neti pot looks similar to a teapot, flushes out mucus from your nose. It works with Neti salt and distilled water solution. The solution can be homemade or ready made from the store.

You able to use a saline solution with the ceramic neti pot instead of just water helps decrease irritation.

Most of the people use the neti pot to clear out their nasal passages for 100 years. If you have a problem with allergy or coldness, you could use the neti pot to filling better from allergy or coldness.

If you need this tool, some doctors even prescribe a specific solution to use ceramic neti pot if you're recovering nasal surgery.

To use this tool, pour the liquid solution with Neti salt into one nostril at a time. The neti salt liquid solution with flow through your nasal cavity and the solution will come out of your other nostril.

Neti pot benefits

There are lots of benefits to this device. It's a famous and popular product for nasal solution use. The doctors suggest this device for those who have nasal problems or seasonal allergies.

  • It cleans your nasal cavity.
  • Recovering from seasonal allergies.
  • Good to use for coldness.
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    Remove inflammation-casing elements.
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    Improve your ability of the respiratory system to self-clean.
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    It helps from sinusitis.

Neti pot using methods step by step guideline

To do the neti pot first, you'll need some distilled water. With the cleanest water that you'll be able to use. If you have just tap water to make sure to boil it for several minutes to remove any of the impurities.

Before you use it, you'll also need some neti pot salt. I got mine from my local health food store. Also, get a measuring cup and a measuring spoon and of course a neti pot. Mine is a ceramic one. It's lasted me for about six years or more. And it was only cost me $14, so I love that.

List of the materials that you'll need

  • Neti salt
  • Distilled water
  • Towel
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    A neti pot
  • Measuring cup
  • Measuring spoon
  • A small cooking pot or saucepan
Step one: Measuring salt and water

The first thing you're going to do is measure out one cup of the distilled water. I get a little saucepan. Turn it to high temperature. Put the distilled water in there. It only takes a minute or two minutes to get it nice and warm.

You want it warm about like a bathwater kind of temperature. It's comfortable for your nose, not too hot, not too cold. Right as you can feel with your finger to check and see if it's ready. Make sure your hands are clean if you're doing this parsley, do it carefully.

Step two: Mix up the saline solution

Next, I'll scoop out 1/4 of a teaspoon of the neti pot placed into the measuring cup and then pour the warm water into the measuring cup. I find that this helps to mix salt into the water faster. Now the saline solution is ready to use.

Step three: put the solution into your nostril

I'll then p[our half of that solution into the neti pot. I'm ready to go. So to set yourself up you're going to tilt your head to the opposite side. Put the neti pot into your nostril. Then lift your elbow up. You can see it kind of creates an incline from my elbow down as the water coming out.

Now you need to let it flow that's kind of my catchphrase for using the neti pot. Let yourself relax and let it flow. You need to keep your mouth open. So you can breathe while you're doing the neti pot and try to relax into it.

Once you've allowed all the water to empty, I'm going to give it a good blow. Use a good class towel also to just kind of get an extra out and you're on to the next side. So basically, transfer the last half cup of the water into the neti pot and do the same steps.

Step four: Use the solution for the second time

I like to practice in the bathroom sink but outdoors also as well. Once you've filled up your neti pot, you want to bend your knees. Push your hips back a little bit that way there's no strain on your lower back. Always start with the more open nostril.

What I mean by that is just put your hand under your nose. Breathe out faster. And if you notice one nostril is more open than the other one you plug the neti pot. For me, the right side nostril is fine.

Final practice

Okay, now I turn my head to the opposite side nostril and breathing through with my mouth. This way the water won't go anywhere else. This is the easiest way when you breathe through your mouth.

Once you plug your nostril, turn your head and lift your elbow up. When you lift your elbow up, the start to pass through the other nostril which I'll show you in a bit.

Most often, people don't get the tilt of the head right and, the water goes into the head and the mouth. Even if it goes anywhere else completely safe but, it's not pleasant.

To do this, you want to make sure to get the position. It gets better with practice. So to begin, get into your stance. I'm supporting my other arm, and I have a towel with me. Okay, so once you plugged your nostril, strike breathing through your mouth. Then lift your arm up, and the water will pass on its way.

As soon as you finish, cover your nose with a towel, and breathe out forcefully. There will be some water left, and you need to cleanse that water thoroughly. Once you've done that, you need to do a more through of the nostrils. In this way, you do not drip water from your nostril.

Safety tips for using Neti pot

The ceramic neti pot could be a great solution for congestion, but it necessary to use some safety tips when trying nasal irrigation. Here are some safety tips below that will help you to use it correctly.

  • Use only pure distilled water. If you don't have it, use pure clean boiled tap water. Make sure you've boiled this water for a few minutes. Before you use it, cool it to a lukewarm temperature. Also, you can use filter water.
  • Do not allow to use water that is too cold and too hot. The water must be used on neti pot, which is lukewarm or room temperature. You can choose the right temperature that is best for you.
  • Keep your neti pot always clean and dry. Reclean it before each time using. Clean the neti pot with antibacterial soap and warm water. Let air dry for several minutes after washing it or use a fresh clean paper towel.
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    Place the ceramic neti pot in a cool, clean, and dry place.
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    Do not use it if you've notice nostrils pain, ear pain, headache, and more cases using a neti pot.
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    If you decide to use a pot for your young child, talk to a doctor before allowing your child to use it.
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    Don't use a neti pot without having the correct symptoms for using it.

Making your homemade solution

Making a homemade solution is an easy and sort way. Making a better solution for neti pot can be done at your home. When you're doing neti pot solution, use the best type and temperature water. Because of some water brings organisms that will harm you.

Water guidelines

Here I will show you there's are several types of water that are safe to use on neti pot.

Distilled water: This water available on the local store or online store on Amazon. Distilled water is always safe to use.

Tap water: Use tap water which is boiled for a few minutes. Make it a normal temperature that you'll feel nice in your nostril.

Filtered water: Also, you can use filter water that is filtered with a quality filter that is designed with an absolutely pure.

Note: Do not use water that you're not sure about it. Try to use always pure and clean water for better results.

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