How to drill a hole in ceramic pot

                 Drilling a hole in Ceramic Pot

How to drill a hole in ceramic pot

Hey, I’m William Jon, today I’m going to show you how to drill a hole in ceramic pot. So, you have completed your pottery work and now looking to drill a hole through the pot. You have done something easy, and now you are going to deal with something even hard. We make holes in the ceramic pots for many purposes.

Gardening pots add versatility to the garden, It imparts a beautiful look. Colored pots are been used to make the gardens look beautiful for years. It is a way to add instant color by placing them outside your home or placing them on your lawn.

We use ceramic plant pots for flowers, vegetables, and green plants. It is good fun to choose the ceramic pots.

Why do we drill through ceramic pots?

If you are using the plant pots, you will be aware of the drainage hole in it, kept in the ceramic pot. This hole has multi-functions. This hole prevents the plant from waterlogged. This hole also saves the plant from drowning. It is especially when the lower part of the plant is outside the pot.

You have a ceramic pot, which doesn’t have a hole in the bottom, then no need to worry. You can make a hole by following some easy steps. Read more, how thick is ceramic tile?

How to drill a hole in the pot?

You can drill a hole in a pot by following the steps. Here are few things that are going to need.

Ceramic pot or container

  • Tile and glass drill bit
  • Power drill
  • Safety goggles or sunglasses

Step by step process to make a hole in the ceramic pit.

Step 1

Ceramic container

Choose a ceramic pot for drilling

Firstly, you should find a suitable place to perform all work. Select a hard and clean surface. If you are going to do work in bulk, then it is good to make some hard place using cement. You can make a deck for this purpose. Next, place your flowerpot or ceramic part upside down. Do remember all the safety precautions. Don’t forget to put a piece of paper under the ceramic pot. It is to protect the hard surface.

You have already decided where to make a hole in a ceramic pot. In the case of a flower pot, usually, a single hole at the center is enough. If it is a large pot, you can create more than one hole. If you are going to make holes for ornamental purposes, you can make holes from the sides of the ceramic pot.!!!! Also read, how to seal ceramic tile?

Step 2

Attaching the bit to drill

Attaching the bit to drill

The next step is attaching the bit to the drill. The type of pi depends upon the kind of pot you are using. The bit and the size of the ceramic pot should have compatibility. It depends upon whether the ceramic part is made up of metal, plastic, or glazed. For metal or plastic pots, we generally use the pit.

In the case we are dealing with unglazed ceramics, we need a masonry bit. While handling with glazed ceramic, we are going to need a glass bit. So, the type of bit is carefully selected, depending upon the type of pot we are using.

A good drill is mandatory. So, it is going to need good power to run. You can use an electric drill. You can also use a battery drill. In case you are using the battery-powered drill, don’t forget to charge it well before using it. Let us precede the experiment. In case I am drilling a glazed ceramic pot, I will use a 3/8’’ tile. For this, I will use a glass bit, which is battery powered.

Step 3 

Measurement the ceramic pot

Measurement the ceramic pot

When you start drilling over the pot, you may find it uneasy using the drill machine steadily. You will need to grip around the ceramic glaze. One should care that the drill machine is working. To handle this situation, you can use masking tape over the surface.

Make a clean mark (X) on the area where you want to drill. It will help the surface, help as a grip when you start the drill. You can take help from the grill guide as well. If you are going to create many holes, you can use wood as a template. If you don’t have the masking tape or even water to mark the exact point, you can use a marker as well. Popular content, ceramic tile floor cleaner.

Step 4

Cool the bits:

Cool the bits:

It is a key point towards errorless drilling. The drills should be cool while drilling. The cooling doesn’t mean that you are going to need ice cubes for that purpose. No, you just need to keep them a little cool by dipping in water from time to time. Don does not use them continuously. For even better results, you can use a sponge to cool it down.

Using a wet sponge is a good idea because it performs two functions. Firstly, it will keep the bits cool, as it is just beneath the drills. The second one will automatically absorb all the debris and just from the hole and will prevent it from falling back into the hole. Related context, How To Cut Ceramic Tile.

Step 5

Drilling in ceramic pot

Drilling in ceramic pot

It is the actual drilling process. You can do it yourself, or you can hire a person for this purpose. Hiring a professional person will reduce the risk of cracking the pot. Doing yourself may cause it to break or crack. But, if you do everything carefully, nothing fatal is going to happen. Put on safety goggles before you start the process.

Don’t forget to put on safety goggles because they save you from pieces of ceramic coating. Some people recommend using water for drilling. If you are a drilling expert, both conditions are unnecessary for you. Feel free and do your duty.

Here steps you need to follow while drilling

To begin the drill, place the bit if drill perpendicular to the pot surface. The bit should hand exactly above the base, you want to make a hole.

  • While holding the drill in one hand, apply pressure on the pot surface.
  • Keep applying pressures until the bit starts making a hole in the pot base?
  • Then, decline the pressure and increase the drilling speed.
  • Keep drilling until the bit makes a complete hole in the ceramic pot. 
  • Once the pot is drilled completely, pull the bit of drill out of the hole carefully.
  • Repeat the process if you want to drill another hole.
  • Clean the pot and wipe out all the dust from the ceramic pot.
  • Then clean the pot with water.

 Another important tip is that you should be patient while drilling. The duration of drilling depends upon the thickness of the bottom part of the pot. It can take from few seconds to several minutes

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