How To Clean Ceramic Bearings And Lubricate (Easy and Quick Steps)

how to clean ceramic bearings

A ceramic bearing is an important thing in the automotive sector. They work as well as professional. It is spinning smoothly and faster. The ceramic bearing is usually used on all types of vehicles, motorbike, bicycle, and more. To extend the ceramic bearings lifetime and perfect working performance it's important to know how to clean ceramic bearings. Because if you know the better way to clean it, you'll use it for a long time.

In this context, I'm going to show you all the cleaning tips, tricks, and methods step by step. 

Before we start cleaning, let's see how they are working? What are the benefits of ceramic bearings? And what you'll need to clean it as well? The ceramic bearings do the perfect job at all types of vehicles and scooters with a smooth flow to run the wheels.

However, it needs to clean up from time to time. This item is not an ordinary gadget. It calls for special attention on your pearls. Now we are here to let you know the best way to clean ceramic bearing as well.

You'll notice here all the necessary guidelines to clean and take care of your favorite bearings. Let's jump to the cleaning guideline and clean the bearings step by step.

Tools and materials using guide

Use the towel you can either use paper towels. A towel and old sock anything that will work. As long as it is absorbent, and you don't need to ruin anything. Because it's going to get dirty. So anything old that will work.

Next is a wide mouth bottle that bearing will fit in too. Make sure it's like the plastic of some sort of metal doesn't matter what it does as long as you can seal.

Next, a funnel that's to pour out the bearings and the grit into it. When you are done, you're going to put a paper towel or a coffee filter inside of the funnel to catch the bags and spacers from going into the waste bottle. That leads me to a normal bottle for your waste rubbing alcohol. 

Gather them in a place

Here you can see there's so many. Already that's just from past cleanings that I've done these bearings.

Finally, you're going to need some actual rubbing alcohol. When you choose alcohol, the higher percentage is better. It's just more pure alcohol. So 91% usually works pretty well.

If you can get higher, I would that's all you're going to need for just the basic bearing cleaning. What I like to do is go a step further sometimes, especially after I've been rowdy and like an environment. I'll take a little cup to put those bearings.

The last material is rubber gloves. Rubber gloves will protect your hands and fingers from rubbing alcohol.

You'll need these tools and materials to clean a bearing.‚Äč

  • Towel
  • Wide mouth bottle
  • Funnel
  • check-square-o
    A normal bottle
  • check-square-o
    Little cup
  • Higher percentage rubbing alcohol
  • A soft brush ( teeth brush)
  • Rubber gloves
  • check-square-o

How to clean ceramic bearings? Check the steps

Step one: Preparing the ceramic bearing

Now we're going to start disassembling the bearings and then we're going to clean them. Alright, so to start you're going to take your Widemouth bottle. Take off the lid, and put in your bearing spacers inside the bottle. Next, take your rubbing alcohol. Make sure it's open and then just pour some into the bottle.  Also read, Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax Review.

Don't need to fill it all the way. I would usually just put about an inch in it. Just enough to cover the bearings. You can always go back and add more in but once you contaminate it, don't need to put it back in your clean bottle. So, always better start with a less amount.

Step two: Remove the shields

Now, this is where I can get kind of tedious and dangerous. So what you go wanna do is take your razor blade. And the part of the lip right here you can see just gently pry down by a razor blade.

It will lift the shield. Once you get it up, it might take you a few little tries here, you can pull it right off. Alright, and then you go to that both sides, you can hear the grit in there. You should make sure not to damage it.

Because, if you damage these seals, it will drastically decrease the life of your bearings. Now, you should have two seals and your bearing. I'm going to go ahead and do the rest of these also you can do it too.

Step three: Wipe the shields and clean them

I've got all the shields off the actual bearings. You should have one bearing and two shields. What I like to do is, take the shields, and you can see there's usually some grit on them. Let's take them all. I'll actually wipe off that grit before I place them into the bottle.

The reason for this is, you can get all the grit off that you can put it into the bath. Because of the less skirt that it is the less grit that's going to end up remaining in the bearings. The more you can get out now the better off you'll be in the end. I'm going to do this and I'll be back.

how to clean bearings
Step four: Put the bearings inside the alcohol

After you've gotten all the of your shields cleaned off I should say, take your bearings and put into alcohol. Put them in the bottle one by one. Put the lid on the bottle and then shake it as well. I'm going to shake them as well for five minutes. Let them sit for another five minutes.

I've shaken my bearings and they're sitting in the alcohol for about five minutes. Now I wanna go ahead and I'm going to pour them into the waste bottle. Then I take my old container of rubbing alcohol and put funnel on top of it. After that, take a coffee filter on the funnel. You just take that and put it as well on the funnel. You may like, Best Ceramic Spray Wax.

In this step, you need to take your Widemouth bottle with the bearings in it. Slowly at first start to pour in the liquid until start to settle. Be careful, not to overflow and you just pour your bearings in. Look at the bottle, a lot of the grit should remain in the bottle that you can see someone on the bottom. So, let's ahead and let the bearings dry a little bit. Set the bottle aside carefully.

Step five: Clean bearings

Take a towel and lay down in a clean place. Once the bearings have dried for the most part all the liquids, I'm going to take each bearing and spin out. Check them all one by one that they're spinning faster. Put them on a small container.  Read more, ceramic brake pads reviews.

Take all your little rubber shields and lay them out metal side down one by one. Put your rubber gloves on your hand. Take that rubbing alcohol and pour a little bit on the bearings container. Then, take a toothbrush and clean each bearing as well. This is an extra step to make sure your bearings spinning properly.

After you have cleaned all your bearings thoroughly, now you let them dry. I'll leave them for five minutes to dry them then I'll come back for the next step.

Step six: Lubricate the bearing

Here I have two different types of oil. It is a skate specific oil. It is made for skateboard bands, bones, speed cream. This oil works pretty well on ceramic bearings, but what I found I really like is fishing reel oil.

I like south bend super real oil. It's a half-ounce multipurpose lubricant. I like this a lot because it's actually got a corrosion protectant in it and it's a little bit thicker than the speed cream. So, I think it lasts a little longer without sacrificing any roll speed.

The key with lubricating your skate bearings is to not over lubricate them. You need to take just a drop and put it right on one of the balls each bearing. These aren't huge drops just light squeeze on what it puts out. Do this all of them.

After you have finished, you're done with the actual lube. So you can set that to side and you just want to take your bearing and just spin them as well. After you have done, you can put one more drop each bearing and spin it. You'll feel how much smoother that sound.

Step seven: Reset the shields

Now you're done lubricating your bearing. We're almost done to clean a bearing. In the last step, you can go take your shields and gently set it down. Then just work your way around until it pops. You need to do both sides of all the ceramic bearings. Do this step very carefully, not to damage the shields during this process. Because if you do then all kinds of dirt and debris will be able to get in the bearing, and it will ruin it.


We are done lubricating and reapplying our shields. Also, we are done the cleaning and lubricating process. Now, these bearings are ready to reinstall into the board and go skate. I have done to show you how to clean ceramic bearings properly. I think now you know, how to clean bearing? Thanks for reading this content. Enjoy your day. Goodbye!

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