How To Clean A Ceramic Flat Iron

The hairstyle is big fun for women's. The ceramic flat iron is a tool, that is using for hair straight. The ceramic flat iron is amazing hair styling tools, that do wonders for everyone. This tool is perfect for any kind of hair. Every woman they like a hair straightener and they love it. So, need to know how to clean a ceramic flat iron to get long life and good worker flat iron.

While you want to use a ceramic flat iron in your hair, you need to turn the right temperature. Do not turn the temperature higher than 400 degrees. To continue using your ceramic flat iron, you need to know the cleaning method for your ceramic flat iron. Your flat iron will get a long life, no stain, shiny when you cleaning continue.

How to clean ceramic flat iron

Flat Iron Cleaning Methods

We have researched two weeks searching for some better cleaning method to clean our flat iron. We get some method to easily clean the flat iron. We did apply these methods and testified to them before we write this content. Read more, perfect ceramic styler review.

  1. Damp towel with warm water method
  2. Cotton ball method
  3. Baking soda and vinegar method
  4. Cream relaxer method​​​​

Damp towel with warm water method

This is an easy method to clean your ceramic flat iron.

You need some stuff

3. Paper towel
4. Warm water

Step A:

1. Plug in your ceramic flat iron into the electric socket.

2. Set it to the low-temperature heat setting.

3. Let it warm for few minutes. So, it will lose the muck buildup gunk on the ceramic plates surface.

Step B:

1. Plug it out from the electric socket.

2. Place it on a damp towel.

3. Let it be cool slightly for two-three minutes.

Step C:

1. Wipe your ceramic flat iron plate with warm water and a damp towel or paper towel.

2. Remove all the basic dirty and dust by wiping with warm water.

step d:

1. Process with professional ceramic cleaning spray from a good brand.

2. Spray it on the ceramic plate.

3. Scrub your ceramic plate lightly by a soft and clean towel.

4. Wipe it by a clean and dry towel.

This method helps you to remove all the coated dirty, stains, buildup gunk and your ceramic flat iron will be looks new. I have used this method to clean my ceramic flat iron. Also read, how to clean ceramic curling iron.

Cotton ball method

Are you still searching for how to clean a ceramic flat iron? This method is very easy and quick to clean. This is the method that we use for regular cleaning your ceramic flat iron plate. 

You will need this stuff

1. Ceramic flat iron
2. Cotton ball

3. Alcohol
4. A wet dishcloth

Step A:

1. At first ensure that your ceramic flat iron is completely cool.

2. Dip a cotton ball into the rubbing alcohol and wipe the surface of the ceramic plate with it.

step b:

1. Make a Q-Tip by using your fingers.

2. Rub on any short of crannies and nooks present on the ceramic plate straightener.

step c:

1. Wipe the plates again with a wet cloth. So, there will be no drop in alcohol, dirt, and stain left on it. Also read, How To Season A Ceramic Frying Pan.

Baking soda and vinegar method

This method is for more dirt, and stains flat iron. You could use this method to clean old flat iron. Let's start to clean a flat iron.

You will need this stuff

4. Magic eraser or toothbrush
5. Soft cloth

Step A:

1. Combine 1/2 cup of baking soda, one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide or one spoon of vinegar into a small bowl.

2. Paste them well.

3. No lumps leaving in the paste at all.

step b:

1. Apply this paste on the ceramic plate by using your fingers.

step c:

1. Scrub the ceramic plate with a magic eraser or toothpaste. Scrub gently on the surface of the plate with forcefully. Scrub the plate until the gunk due to their spray, relaxer, or another product disappears from the flat iron.

step d:

1. Wipe the flat iron clearly with a soft cloth. You will see now there is no gunk at all.

Cream relaxer method

This is a super method to clean flat iron. This method will make your flat iron shiny and brighter. This is a homemade cleaner method.

You will need this stuff

1. Flat Iron
2. Relaxer cream
3. Moisten cloth

step a:

1. Make your ceramic flat iron completely cool.

2. Pour 10 to 15 drops of relaxer cream on the ceramic plate

step b:

1. Spread the relaxer cream on the ceramic plate by your fingers.

step c:

1. Plugin on your flat iron and let it get extremely hot for about 10 to 12 minutes.

step d:

1. Plug-out your flat iron and make it cool.

step e:

1. Wipe your flat iron with the moistening cloth. Your ceramic flat iron will be super clean. No gunk, no musk, no stain, no crannies at all on it.

Care Ceramic Flat Iron

If you want your ceramic flat iron will work well for a long time, long life, and looks nice always, you need to care on it. Wipe it with a soft towel after using it. Always keep clean a ceramic flat iron.

1. Do not turn the heat more than 375 degrees.

2. Do not use in relaxer or dirty hair.

3. Do not plug the flat iron on for a long time and leave it.

4. Keep it in a safe place otherwise it might fall and get cracking on the surface.
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Is ceramic flat iron safe?

Ceramic hair straightener far-in fared heat penetrates hair quickly, heat hair evenly from inside-out, straightens the hair in a fraction of the time comes with a good result and with far less damage.

The ceramic straightener has a much higher degree of heat. It straightens your hair properly without damage your hair.

The ceramic straightener is better for all kind of hair like thin, thick, light hair. So, no matter your hair type.

The ceramic flat iron has heat control settings. You could set the heat temperature. Also, the ceramic flat iron price is affordable in the market or online store.

So we can say, the ceramic flat iron is better by considering everything.

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