How to cook with ceramic pans

Ceramic pans are one of the most attractive pans. Pans are also best in cooking, not just looks. Ceramic pans offer a lot of benefits to users, as they are long-lasting pans. People use them in various fields, and we can use them in the oven, steamer, stovetop, and convection cook-tops. Here I am going to show you the process of how to cook with ceramic pans. Juts an easy process, and you will be able to cook by the end of the article.

How to cook using ceramic pans?

How to cook with ceramic pans

Using ceramic pans is somewhat different than using metal pans. Cooking in the metal pans implies just picking the pan and start cooking in it. Doesn’t just start cooking in an instance will destroy the pan

Wash first your ceramic pan

Using the pans for the very first time requires washing. Be sure that you have cleaned it well. For easy performance, try using warm and soapy water. After cleaning, use a dry towel to clean the pan, which is ready for use. Cooking related article, Tramontina ceramic cookware reviews.

Cleaning is necessary because the removal of dust and dirt is very important. Sometimes there is sealant left in the pan, so wash carefully and clean the sealant off.

Sticker residue sticks with the pan. Please don’t rub it roughly to remove the sticker. Take some warm water in a container and let the pan dip in it for half an hour. Warm water will take away all the sticky material, and your pan is free from sticker anymore.

Washing is looking overrated in my article but trusts me. It frees the pan from contamination. Read more, how to clean burnt ceramic pans?

Seasoning the pan

Most of the pan doesn’t require any seasoning. Well, certain pans do require seasoning. You will find the need to season them once a month and do the same process periodically.

Seasoning requires the following things:

  1. Wash the entire pan with warm water and rinse it well.
  2. Use cooking oil for the second step of cleaning. 
  3. Take one tablespoon of oil (canola) and apply it to the pan surface. Peanut oil or grapeseed oil is also good for use.
  4. Heat the pan in the oven or pop it up. In the case of the oven, put it on heat for three minutes at 2500 Fahrenheit. While using the stovetop, heat it for 5 minutes.
  5. Allow the pan to air cool. Excess of oil is over the pan that needs to be clean.
  6. Take a tissue paper and clean all the oil from the surface. If you want to save your pan from damage, practice this twice a year. 
  7. Proper use of pan is necessary, and doing so ensures that you are using the pan in the right way. Check here, how to season ceramic pans?

No cooking oil sprays

Regular cooks with ceramic pan

Here are little mandatory precautions before using the pan. Avoid using the cooking as a coating. Ordinary soil is made up of aerosols. These aerosols can damage the surface of the ceramic. So, avoid using ordinary oil.

They also cause harm in other ways, like they develop a layer on the top of the pan. Making a layer of olive oil will convert into a carbon covering and damage the ceramic. What should we use as a coating?

My advice is you must use a small amount of butter or any other oil. Before you starting cooking, coat a gentle layer of butter. It helps in a way that easier to clean, and it doesn’t create any layer on the pan. Related article, how to clean your ceramic pan?

Avoid using metal utensils while cook with ceramic pans

Avoid using metal utensils while you are cooking in ceramic. Also, avoid metal spoons, forks, or other utensils. The reason behind this is they have sharp edges and can damage the ceramic surface easily. Ceramic is coating on the layer very delicately, and any rough usage will disrupt the layer. Try using wooden, nylon, or silicon utensil for ceramics.

Many tools are available in the market that is ceramic friendly, like rubber spatula. Moreover, don’t use knives to cut something in a pan. For safe cooking in the ceramic pan, you’ll have to follow all these precautions. People also search for, what to look when choose a ceramic pan?

Don’t use very high temperature in ceramic pan

The most crucial thing you need to remember is that don’t use high temperature while cooking g in ceramic pans. Using medium-low heat will maintain the ceramic layer, and you can have the best taste at this temperature.

Put the food into the pan and then heat it slowly. Heating alone the empty pan damages its layer because all the heat is absorbed by the pan only, causing damage to the pan. You may like, Calphalon ceramic cookware reviews.

After cooking

Many people make the mistake that they put the pan directly into the water just after that take it off from the heat. It is so disgusting and causes damage to the ceramic surface. Doing this results in the deformation of the pan and causes it to lose its shape. Hence, avoid putting it directly into the sink. Set aside till it attains the room temperature. The pan will take 10-15 minutes to cool. Related article, how to make ceramic pan nonstick again?

Avoid fragile handling

Although these ceramic pans come in excellent quality, yet they are breakable. Anything g made up of ceramic is highly brittle, as we have discussed previously. Dropping the pan on a hard surface can cause damage. It may not entirely break it, but still, it can give a scar on the ceramic surface, which continues to grow. Hence, ceramic surfaces no longer carry its capabilities of cooking. Popular article, Greenlife ceramic cookware reviews.

Being less durable and having a short life cycle, they are expensive.

Don’t add cold food

Dealing with frozen food, you need to follow some rules. Bring the frozen food to room temperature and then put it in the pan. If you added cold frozen food to the superheated ceramic pan, it would permanently damage the inside coating. Layer or inner coating is no more ceramic. These materials are extremely sensitive to sudden heat changes and immediately react to them. Food is aside; even putting cold water will damage the pan.

These were all precautions and methods to cook your food in the ceramic pan. You can have the best results and enjoy your pain for a long time if you follow all advice. I hope how to cook with ceramic pans article helped you out there.

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