How to clean a ceramic nails

We use many kinds of dab nails for smoking, as they are the best way to enjoy. However, they have the demerit that they become dirty earlier compared to another smoking device. So, the dab nails require cleaning. There are many ways to clean the dab nails, but we will discuss an easier and quicker one. Only cleaning makes them stay long. Let’s see, how to clean a ceramic nails?

Well-cleaned dab nails provide you a smoother experience of smoking. Hence, it is better to know the right way of cleaning dab nails. If they are clean properly, we can save them from damage. We are providing you the step-by-step cleaning process. Every step is discussed in detail, and there is no ambiguity left over regarding this confusion.

With the method we are going to discuss, we will be able to clean hundreds of dab nails. This involves the preparation of solutions on a large scale. You can dip hundreds of ceramic nails in the solution and clean them up at once. So, stay connected with this article, as it is going to solve your entire problem. Read more, how to clean ceramic griddle?

The best way to clean a ceramic dab nail

how to clean ceramic nails

There are a lot of tricks to clean, but it depends upon what kind of nails are you using? For example, if you are intended to clean a titanium nail, a traditional cleaning solution could be a wrong option. The reason behind it is; they wear down a coating outside the nail, which could damage. Also, read can you recycle ceramic?

What are the tools needed to clean the ceramic dab nails?

To clean the ceramic dab nail, every method has its own constituents. But, we utilized a simple method with simple ingredients. All the things mentioned below are readily available in the laboratory or even present in homes.

  • Salt
  • IPA
  • Container
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Gloves
  • Dab torch
  • Dabber tool (optional)

We will not use all these tools equally as some use more than others. The quantity of salt varies and depends upon the material we are going to clean. Check here, what is ceramic bisque?

Ceramic nail cleaning process step by step

Ceramic nail cleaning process step by step

Cleaning titanium nails is different from cleaning ceramic nails. Cleaning ceramic nails is a lot easier process. We are going to clean the ceramic nails, so we don’t have t go into a lot of complexity.

You will follow the steps mentioned below to get desired results.

  • Create your cleaning solution
  • Let it soak for 30-60 minutes
  • Rinsing and removing dirt
  • Let it dry
  • Finalize

1) Create your cleaning solution: Cleaning ceramic nails

a variety of chemical solutions are in the market, but the best is the one we will make our own. The best solution for cleaning nails is prepared by mixing the salt and IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol). Take a large container, large enough to soak your ceramic nails thoroughly in it.

Pour IPA into the container so that the nails could soak easily in solution. The next step is to mix the salt into it. The amount of salt could vary from nail to nail. For cleaning the ceramic nail, we use four tablespoons of salt for mixing. This is a standard solution made by you.

Always use this solution for cleaning the dab nails. The next step is putting your nails into the container. After putting the nail into the container, give it a little shake with your hands. To improve the results, take some hardened salt and threw it in the container. Push it so hard that it could reach the areas of dab nails. Our informative article, what is ceramic tint?

2) Let ceramic nails soak for 30-60 minutes:

The next step is giving proper time to a solution. If you are using a commercial solution, you will get informed about the timing. In the case of this solution, at least 30 minutes must be given to the solution, as it is necessary.

However, everyone has their own opinion. Some people prefer giving it just a 15-minute stand or less. But if you want to get the results of your cleaning, don’t forget to give it a 30-60 minute stand. If you have a controlled temperament, you can even give it a nightstand.

Letting soak for the whole night will bring marvelous results. So, this process will remove all the resins out and give you a smoother smoking experience.

3) Rinsing and removing dirt from ceramic nail:

It involves rinsing and cleaning ceramic nails. Once the ceramic nail

is soaked for a half-hour at least, take it out. Clean the nail with warm water at room temperature. It is prohibited to use extremely hot or cold water. It causes damage to the ceramic surface and leaves it damage.

It is the best idea to remove the resins with the help of running water. If there is some dirt left on the surface, you should repeat the rinsing cycle. You may need an abrasion cycle to remove the dirt from the surface.

You can use a pipe cleaner for his purpose, as they are good enough for that. The rinsing and cleaning process should complete thoroughly. Additionally, be careful that there is no alcohol residue left over. It could be fatal if inhaled. Rinsing with a little warm water will do best to clean.

4) Let ceramic nails dry as well:

This is the most simple yet crucial step. The ceramic nails need to be dry before you use them furthermore. There are a lot of methods you can imply for drying. Beware of harsh drying, as it disturbs the whole chemistry of ceramic nails.

The best method you can imply for drying is air drying it. It is the safest method to dry ceramic nails. Search for a place that is dirt-free. Placing your nails in a dirty place will permanently impart debris into the nail. It will affect smooth smoking.

You can also use a fan to dry the ceramic nails. But, you should be careful about the environment. Be sure to have a semi sterilized environment. Additionally, beware of drying the ceramic nail with heat. This is an extremely bad idea to do so. Heating causes damage to the ceramic surface and leaves the atoms distorted. So, make sure that you are utilizing a good method of drying the dab nails.

5) Finalize:

The cleaning of the ceramic nail is completed. You will need less cleaning if you use your ceramic dab nails with care. Enjoy your smoke and be safe.

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