Best ceramic toilet paper holder reviews of 2021

Toilet paper had first used in ancient China in the 6th century, and it has been mass-produced since then. The best Ceramic toilet paper holder is available in a wide range of sizes, prints. It has started at one and progressing to six and even colors.

They’re a must-have in every bathroom, and stocking up on them is a must. You don’t want to run out of them after you’ve finished your company.

To make the job easier, invest in a suitable toilet paper holder to keep a few rolls on hand. They are necessary, but they are also statemented pieces that can help elevate any bathroom look.

ceramic toilet paper holder will make all the difference and complete your bathroom’s look and feel while storing bulky toilet papers out of sight if the right design has been chosen.

Top best ceramic toilet paper holder: reviews

To assist you in selecting the best ceramic toilet paper holder for your bathroom. We put hundreds of top models to the test, evaluating them for reliability. 

It has to ensure that they have built with high-quality materials and performance. It can carry one roll of in-use toilet paper and many rolls of backup paper. It has an elegant style, which should appeal to most consumers’ aesthetics. Related article, the best ceramic utensil holder reviews.

NameBrandCapacityLatest Price
Best roller bath: Toilet Paper Tissue Holder BA777Squarefeet DepotIt can hold 1 toilet rollBuy on Amazon
Best arctic white: Daltile Bath Accessories toilet paper HolderDaltileIt can hold 1 toilet rollBuy on Amazon
Best bone: Apple Creek Standard Ceramic Bathroom Toilet Paper HolderApple Creek1 toilet roll holding abilityBuy on Amazon
Best title niche: shower-shelf Recessed Ceramic Toilet Paper HolderShower-shelfHolding ability is 1 rollBuy on Amazon
Best plastic spring: Shappy Toilet Paper Holder RollerShappy4 piece Roller Replacement Plastic SpringBuy on Amazon
Best Arora series: MODONA Toilet Paper HolderMODONAIt has 1 roll holding abilityBuy on Amazon
Best white: Lenape 4 In. x 6 InLenapeIt holds 1 rollBuy on Amazon

Best roller bath: Toilet Paper Tissue Holder BA777

Best roller bath Toilet Paper Tissue Holder BA777

Check Price on Amazon

They are designed to have assembled at the same time as the tile. It’s possible to incorporate it later by taking out a tile piece, but it’s more work. 

The back of the accessory has a lip that fits into your tile. Without the right bathroom accessories, no shower, tub surround, or bath installation is complete. 

This collection includes the finishing touches for all of your cosmetic and hygiene bath products. Accessories may be used in wet areas such as backsplashes, bathroom partitions, and shower enclosures.

The one we had before has been built into the tiled walButver, and it has severed. It has secured to the sheetrock. It didn’t stick very well.

A 2×4 length of wood has mounted between the studs and affixed to it. It turned out to be a great idea. It is in a solid state. White ceramic toilet paper holder Wall-mounted bathroom accessory


Only suitable for use on walls. The accessory has been designed to be installed when installing tile and has a lip on the back to match the tile. Check here, best ceramic egg holder reviews.


  • Sizing precision
  • Included hardware
  • 1st grade
  • Applied to stone


  • The pricey product

Best arctic white: Daltile Bath Accessories toilet paper Holder

Best arctic white Daltile Bath Accessories toilet paper Holder

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They are designed to be assembled at the same time as the tile. It’s possible to incorporate it later by taking out a tile piece, but it’s more work. The back of the shelf has a lip that fits into your tile. On the backside of the rack, there is a 1/4 inch edge.

Any shower, tub surround, or bath installation isn’t complete without the right bathroom accessories. The finishing touches for all your cosmetic and hygiene bath items have been included in this set. Stylish and long-lasting toilet paper holder for every bathroom.

Coordinating soap dishes are an elegant way to keep your shower essentials organized. This range is available in traditional almond and white to match rustic, modern, and even contemporary decor. Cement-based tile thin-set combined with a liquid latex modifier is the easiest adhesive to use. 

Using the same thin-set or tile adhesive as you used for the wall tile installation. Apply adhesive to the tile’s surface that will contact the wall to embed the tile without overflowing out around it.

There is a quarter. “This object has a lip on both sides. It has intended to be inserted into the P.E.I. tile. Just for use on the walls-Glazed smooth finish -Can be used for both residential and industrial purposes.

Non-vitreous Grade 1 first-quality ceramic tile. The thin-set installation has been designed to be used in conjunction with tile installation.


  • A quarter “a mouth
  • Residential-smooth finish
  • Ceramic tile of superior quality
  • Best crafted


  • High poundage

Best bone: Apple Creek Standard Ceramic Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder

Best bone Apple Creek Standard Ceramic Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder

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The Apple Creek toilet paper holder has a classic design that goes with most bathroom types and holds a regular size roll of toilet paper. Unlike floor-standing toilet paper holders. This ceramic toilet paper holder has been built on a tiled wall and takes up no room. 

For worry-free use, this long-lasting bathroom fixture has made of ceramic. Make bathroom organization as straightforward as possible.

Toilet paper holder that saves space for fast bathroom organization. One completed toilet paper holder measuring 6-3/8 in. L x 5-1/4 in. H with one plastic roller. It is ideal for both residential and commercial use and has been installed on any water-appropriate substrate.

Ceramic is a long-lasting, easy-to-clean material. The Bone finish is a classic feature that will go with most bathroom designs. The glazed surface prevents water absorption, making it safe to use in wet areas and simple to clean. Using a wet cloth or bathroom cleaners containing bleach. Thinset tile installation lugged.


  • Made of long-lasting materials
  • One roller made of plastic
  • Easy to clean
  • Thinset has requested.


  • The pricey

Best title niche: shower-shelf Recessed Ceramic Toilet Paper Holder

Best title niche shower-shelf Recessed Ceramic Toilet Paper Holder

Check Price on Amazon

This item is for a toilet paper roll of regular size. This item would be more significant than a decommissioned metal t/p. Before placing an order, please consult your tile setter. This item has made of high-quality ceramic and is very heavy.

It can be supported by the edge of your drywall or backer board. Recessed gloss white ceramic toilet paper holder. Install a level in the cutout of the opening with silicone caulk and aluminum tape overnight, then finish caulking the next day. 

Before you buy, talk to your tile installer, bathroom contractor, or the person who is remodeling your tub. “ceramic niche build” is a video on YouTube that shows how to install a ceramic niche. Our ceramic units shrink by about 11% during firing, so our measurements are nominal or estimated

5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ is the size of the crack. The roller hole is 2 1/2″ from the back inside and has a width of 3 1/2″ (2×4 wall).

Even though this toilet paper holder has known as a “shower shelf, you placed it on the outside wall of one of our bathrooms. It’s a tiny bathroom, and this was the only place it would suit. It’s elegant, holds a Costco-sized roll of toilet paper, appears to be well-made, and since it’s recessed, it doesn’t take up much space.


  • Appealing
  • Larger than a metal
  • Contractor for the bathroom
  • 3 1/2″ in-depth


  • Sloppy content use

Best plastic spring: Shappy Toilet Paper Holder Roller

Best plastic spring Shappy Toilet Paper Holder Roller

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Four pcs white plastic toilet paper holder rollers are suitable for replacement and even long-term use. To mount or remove the spring-loaded toilet paper holder roller, punch in one end. The universal holder suits most applications and secures the roll-on.

This toilet paper holder roller replacement is simple to add or remove; punch in one end. The spring-loaded toilet paper holder roller makes paper replacement easy. This toilet paper holder has a clear and durable interior spring that adjusts to the size of the holder and holds the roll in place.

This spring-loaded plastic toilet paper holder is around 6 inches/15 cm long, with a two inch/5 cm long adjuster. It appears to be durable and matches the old ceramic holder on the bathroom wall. It’s been three months since it has installed in the guest bathroom, and so far, it’s worked well.


  • The structure that has adjusted
  • Simple to Replace
  • Dimensions
  • Fits everyone


  • Make use of plastic

Best Arora series: MODONA Toilet Paper Holder

Best Arora series MODONA Toilet Paper Holder

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The MODENA Toilet Paper Holder will help you build the bathroom of your dreams. Ceramic screws and thick wall anchors would be used as heavy-duty hardware. It also includes a prototype implementation and comprehensive installation instructions.

The base and finish are the same on all of the other units in this series. To see all additional items that fit the Arora Series, please search for “Arora Series.” A Dual Robe Hook, Toilet Paper Holder, Toilet Paper Holder with Lid, Soap Dish, and Porcelain Soap Dish is all part of the package. All Modona products come with a COMPREHENSIVE 5-YEAR WARRANTY. If you have any issues, please contact us by pressing “Modona Restroom Company” at the top of this list.

Please provide a brief description of our issue, a picture (if possible), and your Billing Address. We will respond and fix the problem within 24 hours.

Roller Toilet Paper Holder in Stainless Steel The roller has made Stainless Steel with a Shiny Chrome Finish, which is more durable than ABS Plastic.

Extra height has been given to accommodate extra-large bendy straws. The style is antique and traditional. Polished chrome finish on white porcelain. The base and finish of the other pieces in the Arora Set are the same.

High-Quality Wall Anchors, Sterling Silver Screws, and Extensive Installation Instructions The major assembly hardware includes an Installation TEMPLATE.

OUR Extensive 5-YEAR WARRANTY covers ALL MODENA Products. If you have any issues, please contact them and solve them as soon as possible.


  • Light in weight


  • Size is tiny

Best white: Lenape 4 In. x 6 In

Best white Lenape 4 In. x 6 In

Check Price on Amazon

The professional toilet paper holder in ceramic has made of kiln-fired white porcelain and complements any bathroom upgrade. The holder’s entire vitreous ceramic won’t rust, fade, tarnish, or corrode. It has washed with a damp cloth. Installing in tile is easy, and it’s built to complement any installation.

Most major tissue brands, including Jumbo Rolls Porcelain with a White Glazed Finish, are compatible. It will never rust, peel, tarnish or corrode because it has made of complete vitreous ceramic. Installing It Is Easy Finish.


  • Oxidize
  • Light in weight
  • White Glazed


  • There is no length

How to choose ceramic toilet paper holder? (buying guide)

There are various ceramic toilet paper holders available on the market, depending on your style and how you want to decorate your bathroom.

However, before you decide to take the plunge and buy the one you want, there are a few things you should keep in mind.


One of the essential features to consider is the material before purchasing a bathroom toilet paper holder.

The models for sale on the market have made of stainless steel, wood, iron, or a combination of the two.

Stainless steel holders are the most durable and have an attractive appearance. Wooden and plastic holders are beautiful but may not be as durable. Iron holders but look fantastic but rust and lose their allure over time.


A toilet paper stand should be robust and reliable. Not fragile enough to need repair or replacement regularly.

Always do your homework and read previous buyer’s guides online before purchasing to ensure that the holder you are purchasing can last the test of time and provide you with new tissue papers whenever you need them.


Any interior designer will inform you that a toilet paper holder is a crucial detail to consider when decorating your bathroom.

The product you choose must have a design that complements the look and feel of your bathroom. Otherwise, it will not add to the bathroom’s charm.


If you have a habit of forgetting to purchase items or never locating them when you need them, you can always stock up ahead of time. And this is a situation you never want to be in when it comes to toilet paper.

Space occupied:

If you have a limited or crowded toilet, the amount of space it takes up should be considered. When it comes to installing a toilet paper holder in the bathroom, you have two options.

Mounted Alternatives

A wall-mounted holder is more miniature and has connected to a nearby wall to the toilet bowl. A mounting solution the best option if you don’t have enough space in your bathroom.

Taking a place

Standing toilet paper holders are suitable for large bathrooms because they have a lot of versatility in usage. It is perfect if you have disabled individuals or small children.

The suitability of the two has been determined by your needs and the layout of your bathroom. Ensure that you have considered all these factors before making a decision.

FAQs: Most common quistions and answer

How do you install a ceramic toilet paper holder on a wall?

Install your chosen tile up the wall to the label you made for the toilet paper holder earlier. After that, fill in the gaps in the back with mortar. When the thin-set dries, it will have a mushroom effect. Place the paper held against the wall and keep it for two minutes.

Can toilet paper holders go down the toilet?

The toilet paper holder is usually found close to the toilet. One day, when using the restroom, you can dislodge the holder, causing it to fall into the bathroom when you flush. The holder may fail, but it’s also possible that it will get stuck, causing your toilet to back up.

How do you remove a ceramic towel bar holder?

Place a chisel in the gap formed by the grout saw between the holders and the wall. With a hammer, tap the chisel against the ceramic towel rack holder on both sides. This will cause the holder to detach from the wall.

Which side does the toilet paper holder go on?

Place it on the left side of the page. With most people being right-handed, the other guy’s idea is spot on, but righties will like to have a broad reach to their left side with their right hand. Since the dispenser is also on the right hand, it will most likely be more challenging to reach.

Final words:

This buyer’s guide will assist you in selecting the right ceramic toilet paper holder for your bathroom. It ensured that you never run out of toilet paper again and choose the holder that best fits your bathroom in every way.

With such a large selection of ceramic toilet paper holders on the market, making a purchasing decision has never been easier. All you have to do now is pick a brand that best meets your needs and enjoy your sale.

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