10 Ceramic Mug Ideas

Hey everyone, how is going on? Today I'm gonna talk about ceramic mug ideas. There are several ceramic mugs in the United State. The ceramic mug is a type of cup. It is typically used for drinking hot beverages, such as coffee, hot chocolate, soup, or tea. A mug usually has handled and it holds a larger amount of liquid than other types of cup. Usually, a ceramic mug holds approximately 350 ml of liquid. It seems like a double of the teacup. A mug is a drinking container.

In our search for the best ceramic mugs, we sought options that were easy to hold, easy to drink, easy to clean, also looks nice. Let's see some ceramic mugs that we love.

10 best ceramic mugs idea

1. Botanica 17 oz boxed ceramic latte travel cup


This mug is very nice. It is one of the beautiful mugs. It has a lid so that you can also travel with it. This lid also helps to keep you liquid warm. They keep liquids cold and hot for a long period.

This mug arrived promptly and in beautiful co-ordinated box. It also very pretty for coffee or tea instead of utilitarian looking aluminum mug. Keep coffee warmer then open cup and lid of this mug don't leak. It is comfortable to hold and fits in the car cup holder.

Overview of mug:

This is a botanica collection. Made with ceramic material. The size of the mug is 6" high and 5.25" wide. The capacity of this mug 17 oz. Product type is travel mug. Available color of this mug is pink and green. This mug original design by Chad Barrett art in motion. It is also dishwasher safe and microwave safe. This mug with packaged in matching attractive gift box.

2. Ello Ogden BPA-free Ceramic travel mug with a lid

Ello ogden BPA-free ceramic travel mug

I've had all types of travel ceramic travel mugs. There's no question about that. If you're commuting want something like totally spill-proof or that will keep your beverages for a long time, you should add this mug in your idea or buy it. However, if you usually drink coffee, tea, and hot chocolate at your desk it will be perfect for you. You can travel with it. It will be your travel friend.

Ello Ogden travel ceramic travel mug is perfect for any caffeine lover or coffee connoisseur. Enjoy the warmth of ceramic mug with lid that won't leach or smell. This product also perfect for the commute. It has equipped with friction-fit slider lid that lets you drink directly from a ceramic mug. The tumbler is splash resistant, but not completely leak-proof.

This mugs all parts are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Don't need to remove the sleeve for cleaning your ceramic mug. It's safe cleaning mug because all the parts of this mug are BPA free.

Mug overview:

Mug dimension is 3.3×3.3×7.3 inches. Which is 14.9 ounces. It has 1.3 weight, and volume is 16 ounce. Material type is ceramic. This ceramic mug is available in seven colors which is coral diamonds, deep purple diamonds, denim, evening blue diamonds, grey diamonds, pink diamonds, real diamonds.

Highlighting features:

* Non-absorbent to odors and flavors, unlike a plastic.
* It doesn't get a stain.
* It's a simple and clear design
* It has rubber grip with excellent coverage.
* Straws fit option in the lid
* Dishwasher is safe and easy to clean.
* It fits in the car cup holder.

3. Vendor star wars Darth ceramic mug

This is a really pretty, sturdy mug. You can use this mug to microwave. It is a little heavy. You can also inside by putting your hand. The inside wall is shelled to be concave with the exterior instead of vertical. It's allowing a large amount of beverage to be held. One thing I want to mention it's a wide cup and you can fit a bunch in it.

It can be a perfect gift for those who love star wars. It is great for craftsman IP. This mug is microwave safe. It's also dishwasher safe.

This mugs liquid capability 18 ounces. It is made with ceramic material and ceramic oval mug has the highest quality. This product is honestly remarkable. This mug is 4.5" high and 5.5" wide. Mugs Weight is 1.15 pounds.

4. Cute marshmallow shaped hot chocolate ceramic 4 set mugs

Cute marshmallow shaped hot chocolate ceramic 4 set mug

A cup of hot will taste even delicious in an adorable marshmallow mug. The better way to cozy up on a cold winter night. It comes with 4 set ceramic mugs and each of these ceramic mugs features a different funny face and puffy marshmallow body. This is a gift idea for kids birthday or other functions. They like to drink cocoa, chocolate with it.

The perfect size for small hands, these mugs measure 2.5" high and 2.5" wide in diameter. It is microwave safe. You can microwave with it to make hot your chocolate or other liquid. It's also dishwasher safe. This 4 set mug comes with its own hot cocoa recipe card for giving as gifts. Please note that the size of this mug is smaller than other mugs.

5. Cork mug black ceramic mug

Cork mug black ceramic mug

Meet with the original cork nug. It will be your new favorite mug. Don't accept any other unknown brands that you don't believe. Makes the perfect stylish yet practical for a birthday or any other occasions. The cork mug is a unique hybrid design and you will never need a coaster again.

This mug quality granulated cork bottom prevents both scratching and staining. Cork mug also provides a soft landing making your mug quite without that loud noise every time put your drink into the cup. The lid of the mug is super solid and comes with a black splash-proof lid with silicon seal for travel.

The ceramic doesn't burn your lips but some other metal cups do so. This is an awesome mug for your next cup of coffee or tea. The cleaning method is only hand wash. Do not microwave this mug. Mug dimension is 4.8×3.5×4.5 inches and weight 1.15 pounds. It comes with black color. Related content, ember temperature control ceramic mug.

6. Mecraft ceramic coffee dripper

Meacraft ceramic coffee dripper

You will very happy with this dripper. I specifically chose this dripper for two reasons. I don't want to use the proprietary V60 cylindrical cone filters, and black ceramic looks so pretty. As a bonus, that red dot sign is just a sticker and very easily peels off, so this has a nice clean look.

I'm also like that the bottom of the dropper lip the protrudes inside the mug or cup you put this on top of. However, It does a great job of keeping the dripper stable, straight, and not sliding off and prevents drops of coffee from running out the side.

It also makes a very thin gap between the dripper and cup so steam can escape without condensing too much. The bottom of the dripper has a single 5" to 8" hole in the very middle. I use two filters, which fit perfectly and comes up to about one or two-inch below the rim.

Those are readily available in the online store. I do not think the number one filters are necessary and very likely will be too small (the fourth picture of this listing shows the number one filter coming up very short of the rim).

Plus, the number one filters are very hard to find cheaply, and most generic grocery stores won't carry that size anyway. I use this dripper twice a day for drinking coffee. It seems durable and I've run it through the dishwasher for cleaning a couple of times with no problems. It is black and the dimension is 5.9 × 4.6 × 4.2 inches. It is 1.19 pounds of weight. Also read, How To Fix Ceramic Mug properly

7. Clay in motion handwarmer mug

Clay in motion handwarmer mug

Oh, my gracious! I am so glad to have found this mug. Some months ago, I had a hand-thrown clay mug that I loved dearly. I cherished the brown clay coffee mug. It is large enough that it held 16 oz of coffee. It had a fantastic weight, a nice thick lip, and the handle is large enough for coffee. I could slide all four fingers through to cup the mug for hand wash.

About 1 year ago, my dear Brown Clay Coffee Mug found it was no match for my kitchen tile floor when it fell to its death. I have been in mourning ever since. I have purchased many mugs over the past few months trying to find a perfect and replacement for my beloved BCCM. It has become a running joke with my family and friends that during every vacation, we spend at least two hour's combined time searching for this coffee mug to meet my standards.

A month ago I found one that we think will be okay. Then I use it two times, then only to realize that I don't like it and end up giving it to one of the aforementioned family and friends. I don't know that any one of them will ever need to purchase another coffee mug during this time.

Several days ago, one of my friends sent me a picture of this beloved mugs, she knows that it was still my favorite mug. This caused us to once again get talking about how I was still on the hunt for this mug. She recently sent a link to me to check the thought that it might work. I immediately ordered this mug and I love it too much to drink with it.

8. Historically modern design mug

Histrorically modern mug

I have searched for recaptured a rich, handcrafted Indian tradition to bring for you beautiful and versatile drinking mugs that are beautiful more than your average coffee cup.

Whether you can drink tea at home or crave coffee at work, you’ve always got a cup standing by ready to help you enjoy your drink. But it’s important to you don’t just settle for any run of the mill mug because you’re not a run-of-the-mill person.

When you want to stand out and still enjoy your favorite beverage in a unique style of a mug, then reach for a historically modern design brown chai tea or coffee mug and show the world how bold you are.

This is a unique inspiration these handcrafted from the India Kuchar mugs were inspired by the traditional Indian traditions. It has unglazed terracotta cup used for serving freshly-brewed chai tea on the streets of India. Typically, these mugs were only used once and then thrown away to be reabsorbed into the soil.

We’ve kept this kind of unique story and craft alive by creating the same red Earth clay mugs but its coating with a food-safe clear glaze. This lets you maintain the spirit of the Kuchar but you can reuse them if you want.

9. Watershed creative ceramic mug

Watershed creative ceramic mug

This ceramic mug coffee mug set made of high-quality ceramic soil, white embryos are the first time at a temperature of 1280 °C fired, and then hand-applied, dried, then baked it twice at 800 degrees.

Every product must have to take a series of strict inspections. This mug made of very high quality and carefully. This can be a reason to choose it

This 12-ounce creative design ceramic coffee mug is perfect for any kinds of hot beverage and ice drinks.

At the same time, this 12-ounce ceramic coffee mug is perfect for office, family, at a party, and gift ideas.

It comes with affordable price and elegant. This coffee mug has fine packaging, is the good choice to be a nice gift.

This 12-ounce ceramic coffee mug set comes with ceramic lid and teaspoon. The ceramic lid can efficaciously keep the better temperature of the drink before you drinking finish.

Made with high-quality ceramic and food-grade 304 stainless steel, it's also BPA-free, it hasn't lead and other toxic chemicals well protects your health.

This product made with ceramic materials. It's weight 0.9lb/.04kg. Mug capacity 12 oz/380ml. Hight 4.3 inches / 11cm. Includes package 1 mug, 1 teaspoon, and 1 lid.

10. Pink octopus ceramic 3D coffee mug

Pink octopus ceramic 3D coffee mug

I'm happy to share this ceramic mug idea. This is a pretty nice ceramic mug. If you watch the baby girl in a criminal mind movie then you will know the cup.

For cleaning use hand wash. The manufacturer recommended do not use in the microwave this mug. This mug measure is 4.5" high and 5" deep. It's made with ceramic metal by a 3D design.

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