Ceramic Heater Safety Complete guide

Hello everyone, how are you doing? Today I'm talking about ceramic heater safety. The ceramic heater is a useful thing. Although ceramic heaters are generally safe to use in your home. You should follow the sensible safety procedures when you are using it in your home. These secret safety tips will help you to use them properly in your home.

These heaters are available in compact, space, wall, Lasko ceramic heater and other different varieties. Whether you can make warm-up a room in your home or small space. The ceramic heater is usually more than adequate. The ceramic heaters have several distinct advantages over other space heaters. Some of the advantages are outlined below.

Ceramic heater safety

Ceramic heaters safety tips

There are some safety tips just keep on your mind while using a heater these safety tips can reduce unwanted accident. According to the National Fire Protection Association in the United State ( NFPA ), a ceramic space heater was responsible for 7% of all house fires in America between 2011 to 2015 database.

This kind of accident has mostly happened for placed some things that can burn close to the heating element. Especially, fabric like bedding, curtains, papers can burn while it placed near to the heating element.

These fires can be fired your room then the house. Ceramic heaters accounted for 85% of home heating fire deaths during that period. Ensure that you can't become a statistic, follow this basic ceramic heaters safety tips.

smoke alarm safety

This is absolutely critical to test smoke batteries once a month by pressing a button. Then, listening beep alarm to make sure they are good working in order. You should replace the batteries when it's power goes down or every six months.

Also, you can replace the entire smoke alarm. For good working replace it every ten years. Do not disconnect the smoke alarm due to a false alarm, as you may forget to make reactivate the alarm. To remind you to stay on track with your smoke alarm maintenance. Set up a reminder on your smartphone calendar or to-do list.

keep flammable things away from ceramic heater

Whether you use a ceramic heater or an electric heater in your living room, kitchen room. The room must be kept clear of combustible items including paper, any kind of fabric, plastic furniture, other loose items. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), recommends. keeping a clear space of at least 3 feet in every direction to avoid combustible items accidentally falling over the ceramic heater and igniting.

place the ceramic heater in a safe location

Keep in your mind that keeping ceramic heater or electric portable heater safe distance from objects and people. It is also necessary to make sure they're on a solid and plain surface where they won't tip over or falling down. This place should be a hard floor rather than plush carpet, big table, etc. You should never place your ceramic heater near to the water source that could cause it to short out. Read more, Lasko ceramic heaters full reviews.

protect children and pets from burn

It is one of a good idea to keep the 3-feet rule in place when it comes to human. Sitting closely to your electric or ceramic heater is likely uncomfortable. Another thing is allowing children or pets to sit close to the heater could result in an unwanted burn. Children are used to touching the red element of heaters. So do your best, keep the heater in a place that is safe for children and pets. Do not leave your children alone in the room with a running heater.

plug the heater properly

Never plug a ceramic heater into an extension cord or power strip. Use the good quality extension to the running heater. The ceramic heater uses a lot of power to operate, and these temporary solutions aren't designed to handle the temperature. These low-quality extension cords can melt, spark, or otherwise become a real fire hazard that ignites a serious blaze.

Plug your ceramic heater directly into the wall and don't add another appliance like a water heater, microwave to that outlet to help prevent overheating. You can use a ground fault protected outlet with safety indicator light. It will notify you when the heater is overheated. Read more how do ceramic heater work.

never leave your heater running unattended

Do not leave the room with a running heater. Make sure your ceramic is turned off when you leaving the room. If you need to heat your bedroom overnight, check for additional safety features that you can feel comfortable while you are sleeping. Remember, adding a smoke alarm to the bedroom where they will be used.

don't use a gas heater in your house

Some of the garage or where is no electricity they are using a gas heater instead of electricity. It is perfectly safe when installed correctly with proper piping vent carbon monoxide and other fumes to the outside of the house. This heater isn't a better choice for living room without appropriate ventilation.

never use a ceramic heater to dry clothes

Some people are using hot air from convection type ceramic heater to dry a dump pair of socks, gloves, and other clothes. This is extremely dangerous to put fabric directly close to the heater. Perhaps, the cloth will dry out quickly and then ignite to become a fire.

Advanced safety features available on ceramic heaters

Most of the ceramic heater are available some important features such as auto shut down, timer control, remote control, overheating sensor. This feature enables you to experience safer operations with less hassle.

The overheating sensor of your heater allows for monitoring the heater for the chance of overheating and excessive the temperature. When the cut off temperature is crossed, the heater is automatically turn off. Which model have timers, you can set the heater to operate for a fixed amount of time. After this interval, it will automatically shut down.

Ceramic space heater safety

Purchase a space heater that has a UL mark. Which means is United Laboratories. It is an independent testing lab in the United States of America.

Keep your space heater at least three foot from you and combustible items. Turn off your space heater before you leave the room. Also regularly turn off space heater before you sleep. Use the above safety tips for a space heater. When you looking for Lasko ceramic heater safety and ceramic tower heater safety use above safety tips for these ceramic heaters.


Are ceramic heaters safe?

Answer: The ceramic heater is a popular option to warm multiple areas in the house or office. But, is a ceramic heater safe? Ceramic heaters have many advantages disadvantages here are some things to consider about ceramic heater safety.

Ceramic heaters safety features are really better than other kind of heaters. These heaters are firmly safe. It has a cool-touch facility that is very good. It has an overheating sensor. Ensure that, It is not get overheated. So all safety features and facilities can prove these heaters are safe.

Are ceramic heaters safe for birds?

Answer: In the wintertime, some of us find a bird-safe heater for heating birds room. There is never 100% safe heater for our birds. The ceramic heater is an additional heating source for birds. When you use a heater for birds or pets, place it far from your birds or pets. The ceramic heater is mostly safe for birds and pets. Because of the ceramic heaters heating system different than other heaters.

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