How to Ceramic Coat Headers [Step by Step]

Tips and Tricks to Ceramic Coat Headers

In today’s economy, it’s all about saving cash. So today, we’re going to test how to ceramic coat headers from VHT. Now they claim these 2000 degrees spray-on coating will give you ceramic benefits for a lot less cost.

How to Ceramic Coat Headers

This ceramic paint made for headers is there for one reason to protect the steel during shelf life. We brought it up to temperature and sped the content to show you that within minutes. It started to burn off and was completely gone by the time the engine was at operating temperature. And corrosion will start eating away at the header from the outside drastically, shortening their life.

Apply VHT ceramic coating on the header

Apply VHT ceramic coating on the header

Let’s see VHT ceramic coating what do on headers. Now, we’re using a new unpainted header. It’s necessary to follow the application process to the letter. It includes a quick prep using duper colors prep spray. Make sure to use some types of shop towels to wipe it all down. 

At this time, we can apply VHT’s flat grey flameproof primer, one light coat, followed by two heavier coats. Several colors of the final ceramic coat are available here. We’re using a flat grey to give us a subtle look. Apply it in several layer coating as well. Let the coating dry for an hour before you install it.

Although it has very high-temperature resistance, that doesn’t mean it’s scratch-resistant, so take your time bolting them up. And make sure to wear clean gloves. Read more, how to ceramic coating in the car?

Test the ceramic coat headers

Test the ceramic coat headers

We’re going to start the engine and let it idle for about 10 minutes, then shut it off and let it cool down to cure the coding. It will ensure maximum adhesion and extend its life. This time around, we’re pouring the coals to the coding by making several dyno poles to 5500 RPM at 724 degrees, and nothing burns off or changes colors. 

After another run, the tube reached 872 degrees after 20 minutes and several more poles 898. Then we even retarded the timing for degrees to put. Even more heat in the header to 976 degrees without burning off. 

This ceramic paint can handle a lot more temperature up to that 2000 degree mark. But you’ll never get your tubes that hot, but it’s a good thing to know we still have 1000 degrees to go. So, we always trust VHT ceramic coating paint for our headers. Also read, ceramic spray wax.

6 Easy and faster steps to ceramic coat headers

Here are some effective and easy steps to ceramic coat headers as well. For ceramic coat headers, you’ll need some tools and materials. Let’s gather those tools and start ceramic coat headers. 

What will you need for ceramic coat headers?

  • Spray gun
  • High-temperature ceramic paint
  • Headers
  • Oven
  • Sandblaster

Step 1: Clean the header

Clean the header

If your header is new, clean the header surface. But, if it is an old header, clean the oil, greasy residue from the header surface as well. In this step, make sure the oil, dirt, grease removed from the header. Check here, Calphalon ceramic cookware.

Step 2: Use sandblaster on the header

Use sandblaster on the header

Use sandblaster on the header surface that you want to ceramic coat. Scrap with sandpaper to take out stain, black-nasty dirt, and old paint that is already faded. 

I recommend, start using a sandblaster from one side to another side. You can complete all the header surfaces by using this method. When you finish scraping it, wipe it out with a soft brash. Make sure all the dirt and dust wipe off. Clean it as well before start another step.

Step 3: Bake the header in an oven

Bake the header in an oven

Set up your oven at 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the header in the oven for an hour. The baking step will help to bake off any residue or imperfections. It also helps the paint adhere. Now check, mothers ceramic coating.

Remove the header from the oven after an hour and let it be cool.

Step 4: Spray high-temperature paint on header surface

Spray high-temperature paint on header surface

For this step, I’ve chosen tich line black stain header coating ceramic paint. Pour the paint into a spray gun and shake it as well. You can get this paint from Amazon by clicking this link. I’ve bought it from Amazon for my header. 

Normal ceramic paint is not suitable for the header because the header always stays near to high temperature when the engine is running. So this ceramic coating good to go up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Hang the header with a strong rope. Hang it in free space. Then tart spray paint on the header surface. Make sure you coat all the header surfaces. Before you finish painting, recheck the painted surface. Then, let it dry for some time.

Step 5: Bake the header in an oven

Bake the header in an oven

Now, place the header in an oven to cure the header parts. Turn the oven temperature to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and keep it for an hour. It cures all the paint and helps to last longer. Related post, remove scratches from ceramic stove top.

Step 6: Header installation

Header installation

It is the last step to install the header in your car. After installing your header, drives the car for an hour to cure in 750 degrees Fahrenheit. Now you are ready to go with your job. 


Hey guys! I’ve tried to show you how to ceramic coat headers easily in 6 steps. If you get a little help or idea, please let me know in the comment section. If you want to ceramic coat headers yourself, do it step by step. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you with new information and new content. Stay connected with us on informative site. Have a great day!

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