Best way to clean a ceramic stove

The surface of the ceramic stove looks beautiful and clear. The elegant lines of the stove to make a fresh and modern look in any kitchen. How do you keep the stove to prevent the beautiful appearance? It starts with the knowledge of what works and what does not. Follow the guidelines recommended by the manufacturer for cleaning and maintenance to keep the stove in good condition for years. Use the tips and tricks below as the best way to clean a ceramic stove guide for care and cleaning.

best way to clean a ceramic stove

Daily routine

A regular daily cleaning routine helps maintain the beautiful appearance of the glass-ceramic. Clean spills immediately, and use a special cleaner for ceramic stoves for better results. Always clean after each use with a soft cloth. Use the cleaner of your choice, but do not be careful to use surface glass cleaners or similar products.

Non-abrasive liquid detergent works to clean spills every day. Be sure to rinse the cleaner with a damp sponge and leave the top surface of the stove dry. Polish with a lint-free cloth after drying for a clean, scratch-free shine. Check out How to clean black ceramic gas stove top.

Collected dirt

If the time has passed between daily cleanings, it is possible that grease or dirt has accumulated on the upper cooking surface. The accumulated mess is removed in a manner similar to daily cleaning. Use the daily cleaning product, apply and let stand for 10 to 15 minutes. Clean and clean normally, remembering to polish the surface with a lint-free towel when it dries.

Razor blade

If the dirt and grime seem stubborn, the extraction may require more drastic measures. A razor blade at a 30-degree angle with the cooking plate will remove more stubborn, dried out food. Carefully scrape the cooked particles until they are removed. The use of a latex glove helps keep the razor secure in your hand. Always remember to scrape off the body, not towards the body.


A black ceramic stove makes a beautiful kitchen addition, and the prevention of scratches will help preserve its beautiful appearance. The use of authorized cookware helps prevent damage. Do not use pots and pans of cast iron, as they have a tendency to zero if it is raised incorrectly. Pots and pans are recommended with flat and soft bottoms that make full contact with the stove. Avoid round pots and pans in the background or kitchen utensils that tends to warp or buckle. Making solid contact with the surface of the hob makes most of the cooking capabilities of the stove. Check with the stove manufacturer for cookware recommendations.

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